Los Angeles

I have a long time love affair with Los Angeles. My absolute favorite place in the world! So naturally I want to start my blog with introduction of the “real” LA style, not the one we were fed trough the Hollywood movies and music videos.


It’s virtually impossible to describe the city’s fashion in one word, or with one
style. Each part of the city breathes its own culture through its
eclectic sense of style. There are no boundaries, no runways that a look
can fall off of. Instead, fashion is more like a living organism, pulsing, pumping and
drawing energy from everywhere in the body that is LA.

Me  LA

Los Angeles is probably the most publicized city in the world but the reality of
everyday life is still a mystery. The intrigue that surrounds the people of LA is ever
present because rarely do we get a glimpse of pedestrians. Everyone is always
driving. So in order to see people, you have to look for them. The exhilaration comes mainly from the people who live in LA, the diverse
characters that patronize the streets and create the visual stories that tell the true
tale of LA.

beverly hills1 Beverly Hills Red Bentley



31 thoughts on “I LOVE LA!

  1. I have only seen LA on American movies but I think most Cities around the world are quite cosmopolitan. I have only been to the main cities in England, France and South Africa. In most of these places clothing pays very little importance except in SA where colour plays more of a role. The colder climes seem to stick to very sombre colours.

  2. Wow, this blows my mind, the way you identified the contradictions of LA, the contrasts between the projected and the real LA, and the way you describe fashion. I can’t wait to go back to LA and see it through this new perspective.


  3. Great post! I like the fact that you want the world to see ‘real’ not ‘imagined’ LA style. Will like to see more. Thanks

  4. That’s an awesome jacket ma’am! Loving the contrast lapels 🙂

    Thanks for liking my SuitSupply 2013 post at themonsieur.com- really appreciate the support!

    The Monsieur

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