True Hollywood Story!


Hollywood Boulevard

The only must have when strolling Hollywood Boulevard is something black. It doesn’t matter if you wear an oversized top, hoodie, cardigan, leather, or even a Sergeant Pepper jacket, it must be black.


And always with jeans. Pedestrians chose to squeeze into skinny jeans or meander casually in loose fitting faded denim. Men preferred the laid back look with a t-shirt and plaid oxford, while ladies chose oversized tops in dark colors. Even the most upscale attire consisted of something black, with either a sweater vest or dress shoes.



Converse were the most popular shoes for women, men and the androgynous, but some chic chicks threw on Uggs to switch it up a little. But children seemed to take a liking to baseball caps. The more eclectic and creative types were caught donning a beanie instead. The common fashion element on this street, borrowed, bought or stolen, is black all the way.




9 thoughts on “True Hollywood Story!

  1. This post was so eye opening for me that I posted about being a Hot Mess after reading it! I never in my life would have known this. Is there a sign for how to dress? How would a regular person or visitor know how to dress? Am I supposed to look it up? Im the kind who went to Europe and NYC in a hot pink coat. I think quirky is a little undercooked. But honestly I was floored that certain areas had a dress code. I just don’t think I can comply.

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