Make Up: YSL lipgloss, lipstick, lipstain!

YSL lipgloss, lipstick, lipstain!

I am absolutely obsessed with this new YSL lip gloss  lipstick, lip stain  It is literally unbelievable, with an amazing staying power which survives kisses and 5-course dinners!



7 thoughts on “Make Up: YSL lipgloss, lipstick, lipstain!

    1. Thank you! Actually It’s my favorite nail polish color as well! It is Chanel and the name is Graphite , applies very smoothly , dries quickly and I am addicted!Normally I am very impatient and always mess up the half dried color, but this dries so quick that it is foolproof 🙂

    1. Edit
      For me it was worth every penny! That is the reason I wanted to share about this find. I love red color and I have buying different brands and different colors for years, but this was the absolute best! Looks like a lipgloss but it seals the color as a lip stain and stays on for a very long time without even feeling heavy on the lips. I don’t like to talk about the products, unless I am absolutely in love!

  1. Hello. What is the name of the color? And are you only wearing the lip stain or did you line your lips as well? Thanks so much for staying connected to our fashion and beauty posts. It was nice to connect with you and see what you were sharing. I agree the nail polish is worth blogging about. Cool color.

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