Beverly Hills. cracking the dress code!!!

beverly hills sign


Men, if you’re going to Beverly Hills be prepared to put your best foot forward.



Press that suit and shine those shoes, because throwbacks to the Rat Pack are all the rage. Most men spotted in this upscale district were wearing suits in dark colors, white dress shirts and skinny ties. A few topped it off with the classic Fedora, but the hairstyle of choice seemed to be that late fifties crop cut with a spike in the front.



beverly hills2

Women seem to like to flaunt a little flirt, showing skin in at least one part of their body. Soft spring dresses that button up the front were a favorite, kept short showing lots of leg. Other women preferred to keep the bottom covered and chose the bare arm or off the shoulder look instead. Sleeveless was popular with almost all of the ladies.




IMG_1764 IMG_1730

And there were even a few who looked a little rebellious, covering their arms but wearing short shorts that stopped neatly in a rolled cuff. Almost all the women kept their handbags in minimal proportions, and liked the earth tone shades. Men, if they carried a bag, usually toted a knapsack in black, with a broad and bright design element for all to see.

IMG_1606 IMG_1611 IMG_1600 IMG_1792 IMG_1715 IMG_1667 IMG_1643 IMG_1591


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