The Sunset Boulevard….Come as you are !


Sunset Boulevard at night brings all of the elements of style together in one gothic, off-beat,

and upscale buffet.


Most men prefer to keep things simple, slipping into a pair of skinny jeans with a black t-shirt. Leather was popular, but mink and fur chose to show up here and there as well.


Ozzy Osbourne made an appearance a few times during the night, draped head to toe in black overcoat, jeans and t-shirt, buckling the whole ensemble together with a belt, in black of course.


Black boots were carrying people to and fro throughout the bustling night. And club-goers invited short dresses and high heeled pumps along for the ride. Grunge got in too, lurking in the dark corners, waiting to be offered a drink by full body leotards that were see through in all the right places.


Everyone is invited to the Boulevard at night, and the invitation almost always says… come as you are!



4 thoughts on “The Sunset Boulevard….Come as you are !

  1. I love love how you captured the Sunset!! LA one of my favorite places…. A place I’ll be calling home next year.. Keep my excitement going with your cool post.. Thanks for finding me..

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