To book or not to book, that is the question?

In my golden purse I am holding an iPhone which contains digital copies of all my books, since I can read them anywhere , even standing In Line at the Trader Joe’s. In addition having a book ADD I am reading several books at once.

So the question is -Do I really need this massive furniture to keep all this paper books , that I am never going to read or hold again?… My golden purse versus two full bookshelf as a book holding devise…Or should I just make truce and think it is a cool decoration?

What is your take on it?

to book or not?


9 thoughts on “To book or not to book, that is the question?

  1. Throw a mattress down in front of that shelf and let a tramp sleep there. He’ll appreciate all those books! He might even pay rent. I guess I could be more coy, huh? My take is books will always be a cooler decoration than any kind of television screen ~ but that’s just me.

  2. Hold on to them as decorative talking points 🙂 I like seeing people reading booky-books (me included). I can see what they are reading and they can see what I’m holding, too.

  3. They take up so much space, but I would really hate to throw out my books! I love turning pages and the smell of books too much to get rid of them. Also, I have a few that are really old that are too lovely to throw away.

  4. First of all, beautiful outfit. We keep few physical books, because they take up a lot of wall space.
    Our shelves mainly have art and photo books and a few not available electronically;• )

  5. Keep the books! They’re our history – past and future. Electronic readers are a convenience – they have no art, no soul. There’s no emotional connection that you have when holding a book and turning it’s pages. The e-readers will become outdated and the files, no doubt, incompatible – but a book will be there for thousands of years if looked after. Have you worked out I’m a book lover yet?! 🙂

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