I was very determined to make the perfect shot!

Relying on  James Bond movies, magazine pictures and years of developing hand eye coordination  with  drawing, I thought I am golden!

The problem surfaced with the first shell flying out from the gun , right into my “décolleté” …a moment later  the second shell flew off,sneaked into the goggles  and burned my under eye skin..OUCH!!!!….PAINFUL!!!

But Despite all  that  drama  I was able to hit the bullseye at the end!!!! …and Maderma helped to get read of the under eye scar.

Happy ending after all!gun

…My Inspiration 🙂



4 thoughts on “Bullseye!

      1. BTW One reason you could be getting showered with brass is that you might be “limp wristing” the pistol, which allows the muzzle to rise high enough from the recoil to throw the brass back on you instead of off to the side. Try leaning slightly forward and stiffening your wrists to control the recoil.

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