Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia or… Nomophobia

IMG_2962Have you ever lost your phone and went trough the multiple stages of grief?

…Denial, Anger, Negotiation, Sadness ,Acceptance

Not necessarily in that order, but if any of this experiences sound familiar to you , it means you might be  part of the ever-expanding population that “struggles” from Nomophobia. ( No-More-Phone_fear).IMG_2963

Just discovered by British scientists, Nomophobia is a real fear, and can cause same amount of discomfort as more traditional  phobias , such as Claustrophobia or Arachnophobia.IMG_2954

My experience with  Nomophobia was not fun !

It was with loosing the Original IPhone 3 back in the days when the Cloud back up did not existed, as well as the phone locator, and I did not even put a password protection on….sounds like a Very Long time ago!

First,  I was denying the fact of loosing my phone  and saying that I have just dropped it in the car somewhere and it is out of batteries, so I can’t hear the ring.

Then I got angry  with the housekeeper and thought she “hid” it somewhere and does not remember where it is.

Eventually I started to negotiate with God, promising that I will start  going to church every day if I will just  find my IPhone!…

By the end of the 3rd day is clear, the IPhone 3 was gone !…and I instantly fell into the deep sadness and depression , …the reality was  too harsh!

In the morning of the 4th  day I’ve  got in terms with it , wiped off my tears, went to the store and got the IPhone 4 edition…and a miracle has happened!

Apple had upgraded the IPhone with new features and new apps  and it was so much better than the first edition! My equilibrium was  finally restored and a bright idea popped into my head!

What if  it was a metaphor for life and  there is no need for ANY PHOBIA  ?

You loose the old version of…. and life brings you an upgraded version of….!( Feel free to fill in the blanks : phone , gloves ,  glasses,  man…just kidding, you get the idea J )

No more PHOBIAS !


24 thoughts on “Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia or… Nomophobia

  1. Besides having ghosts around, the cats can see them and we often hear them, we seem to have wormholes on our property, because I’ve had things disappear before my eyes never to be seen again. It happens most often with things like tools and gloves, but one time I was digging out the irrigation ditches, my glasses fell off my face into some leaves. I saw where they fell, but when I went to pick them up, they were not there. I raked the whole area and sifted through the dirt I had dug to no avail. A $500 pair of glasses simply vanished before my eyes. I still look around when I’m on that end of the property thinking they will resurface, but they haven’t so far. All I can figure is they just slipped into another dimension. I sometimes wonder if one of us will eventually disappear into a wormhole while working in the garden. It’s more a curiosity than a fear, so I can’t say it’s a phobia.

      1. The ghosts don’t bother me, I think they are fun. I used to go out on the property at night without a flashlight, and didn’t think twice about wandering around in the dark, until I stepped on a skunk and got sprayed point blank. I discovered what it’s like to be Pepe le Pew. On top of that, the porcupines have discovered our rose bushes (they like to eat the tender new growth), so when I go out at 3:00 am during the spring and summer to let in the irrigation water, I almost always see a porcupine, and several raccoons. So I guess my phobia is about stepping on stinky, stickery and mean critters in the dark.

  2. I have a phunny lost and phound phone story which I will spare you from. I don’t want to be so dependent on it, yet it always leaves home with me. Love your outfit for sure, more than any phone.

  3. LOL! You are too funny my friend…
    Can’t say though the same happens to me… I loose my phone 2-3 times a month… I keep finding it… Tried it with my husband to…. Haha… Guess what…. He keeps finding me!

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