Do not lead me into temptation ….

After a fabulous  dinner at my favorite Vegan restaurant “Gratitude” I have stumbled upon a beautiful boutique with absolutely gorgeous Italian shoes.

Window shopping

“I must have these!” was the first thought that entered my mind,quickly followed by vivid visual images of me in my new outfits and how well those shoes will complement them all, and oh yes, the great time I will have wearing them. After rationalizing with myself for a full blink of an eye, I walked into the store fully determined to get those shoes.


I stepped inside and felt a magnetic pull drawing me toward the fabulous footwear. I came within arms length and was overcome with a yearning I hadn’t felt in some time. The shoes were even more perfect close up than they were through the shiny picture window! I felt as if all the stars were lining up and I was absolutely sure that I was going to get those shoes… dreaming

When all of a sudden, the beautiful image of my feet cradled in those tantalizing toe huggers was immediately replaced with a widescreen shot of my closet!!!bl


I quickly remembered that for Lent I had decided to give up meat and, dare I say it out loud, SHOPPING! Does it count if I give up giving things up for Lent?surprised

I wonder if I will burn in hell? And if my new shoes are fireproof?

what to do


18 thoughts on “Do not lead me into temptation ….

  1. Oh My God is that your closet?! I am in awe! It’s UH-MAZING! So, happy that you started following my blog because it led me to your fantastic blog. BTW, I love L.A. too and totally can’t wait to move their one day soon!

  2. I love everything the fur, the shoes and your closet, sometimes I feel guilty jijij for my passion for shoes and fashion, but its not our fault I think is in our DNA….your blog is fabulous …

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