Clean Energy

During my Lenten Journey (you can read more at my previous post), I have not only been cleaning my body of toxins by detoxing and eating pure, non-animal based, non-processed food, but I have also been motivated to clean my soul as well.IMG_4165

Bad habits (such as harmful addictions), bad thoughts, bad feelings and bad acts should be banished from our bodies, minds and spirits and replaced with clean, natural things.


The purpose of Lent is to honor the sacrifice that was made for us. When we give something up, when we sacrifice something, we are reminded of the sacrifice of others. Doing this allows our spirit the chance to grow in purity and innocence, to become clean and to be filled with renewed energy.  cropped

Then we can take this pure, clean energy and share it with the world!shoe

Step out in the direction of clarity. Clarity for our minds, energies and thoughts!…Clarity everywhere !


15 thoughts on “Clean Energy

  1. That’s cool. I haven’t seen natural gas pumps in our neck of the woods. Love the hot pink! BTW if you go to my blog and search for Tiffany, you’ll see another gorgeous woman in hot pink;• )

  2. Well said! And well done for not eating animal-based food. You’re obviously seeing the benefits and also the connection that our diet has to the environment 🙂

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