Wild Wild West

What can we learn from our history?


More precisely, what can we learn from the American Pioneers who were courageous enough to venture out of their comfort zones and move into unknown territories?


I think this history lesson provides a perfect metaphor for the personal journey we each have.

To live life with a sense of adventure and bravery means always being ready to expand our horizons and discover new frontiers. Living a truly “Wild” life does not mean living in dust bowls and saloons, it means never allowing yourself to become complacent. It means always having a spirit that is willing to leave your “comfort zone” and conquer the your “Wild West,” whatever it might be.


Any thoughts?


18 thoughts on “Wild Wild West

  1. Absolutly stunning, your first photo was sassy yet seductive with an over all sense of adventure, which ties in perfectly for your theme of this post. And the boots with the NM style pattern very cool. Always a treat to read your words and follows your fashion photos.

  2. Your blog is a delight to read, and look….yes it is true, moving away from what we know does help and of course at the same time it is difficult, I did it a few times, major shift like travelling overseas, even if that meant leaving a good job, moving to another city, where I had to learn english…still need practice…:), getting older it is more difficult to do, but still trying to do it as often as possible, just can’t follow those grooves most people follow…:)

    ps. eventually can I use some of your photos for a painting? I would love to.

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