Getting ready for the Oscar Party

So much fun!

Time to dress up!

….What am I going to wear?


num1Something glittery? dr3

Perhaps I should go for bold and beautiful?


Maybe the look this year should be opulent elegance, hhmm?


I think I will choose subtle… and seductive!


6 thoughts on “Getting ready for the Oscar Party

  1. You’ll have to pardon me whilst I catch my breath lol I have an affinity for the Kimono which you make look even more stunning.
    Truly beautiful shoot.
    Bravo you and camera (person)


  2. Hi Evalina,The last image is the best for me at least. Credits to the photographer to. it expresses something special and the way you expose your hands are well done. This image made me stop scrolling and let me look. I believe the make up, Kimono, background and its exposure , are brought in balance in that image. I wonder what the effect might be without the mirror and the attribute on the table might be given. Would it become more powerful, less romantic?

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