Sailing Away!

The only constant thing in life is growth. Learning, becoming better and reinventing ourselves is the way to continue to grow. Sometimes we need to step away from our lives to do this… Maybe even sail away to gather new insights and discover what lies beyond our own horizons!

Evelina Galli sailing away

Change takes place on three levels, physical, mental and spiritual. Changing your style and your location are ways to achieve change. But genuine transformation comes from within.


What are you doing to re-invent yourself?

How are you nurturing your physical, mental and spiritual growth?


11 thoughts on “Sailing Away!

  1. I happen to know a bit about reinventing ones self, as I’ve had a pretty incredible journey over the past 1.5 years. I envision my goal “new you” and take small steps every day to achieve those goals. I’ve tried to surround myself with people that support my goals and me as a person, I disregard the old baggage. Take a deep breath every day and keep going. That’s the very short and simple of it. You can read the rest in the journeys section o my blog.

  2. I feel like I have to reinvent myself with every character I write about. Thanks for following me at The Kraken’s Wake. Hope you enjoy my tales.

  3. I write under four pen names. Each pen name requires a certain style of product. This allows me to reinvent through whatever name I am using. Oddly, which name I am using and what product I am producing determines what I drink during the process…beer, whiskey, water, coffee, coke…there are all there at different times for different writers. HF

  4. Being a kinder person to myself and others. Listening more. Being single (in your early twenties it’s so scary, ahhh) Getting comfortable wearing bright red lips!!! (reinventing shouldn’t always be so serious!)

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