Starbuck’s Secret Unveiled!

So I took my own advice and “Sailed Away” like Columbus discovering America and on my voyage I accidentally stumbled upon a true treasure!

I have spent many years searching in vain for this priceless gem. I have looked high and low, in ever shadowy gourmet shop and every well-lit grocery store shelf and had no idea, that all along, it has been hiding in plain view at our local Starbucks!

Growing up with parents who were “slightly “ obsessed with Japanese culture, I recall watching many Japanese movies in which tea ceremonies were revered almost as much as the Pope himself. They were so important that if someone stole the secrets of the ceremony they would not be tried or convicted. The Japanese viewed the crime as so severe that the only punishment was death!

Very dramatic I must say!


The tea was always made from a mysterious green powder instead of traditional tea leaves. This was very puzzling to me. And yet I spent years looking for this powder with no success. I even scoured the stores in “Little Tokyo” to no avail.

But yesterday while was waiting for my drink at my local Starbucks, I glanced over to see how they were making their drinks. One of the drinks that they were making was Green Tea Frappuchino and that’s when I saw it. It was right there behind the counter.

The Elusive Green Powder!

Evelina Galli's favorite Green "Matcha " tea

The mysterious, magical, green powder I had been searching endlessly for!

The Matcha tea!

This glorious green powder comes to Starbucks prepackaged with a bit of sugar. After it arrives, Starbucks then mixes it with  MORE sugar, milk and ice and it becomes a 2000 calorie, unrecognizable, Green Tea Grande Ice Latte Whipped Cream on top Frappuchino drink!

Since I am still on my Lenten Journey I am trying to strip everything I ingest down to the absolute bare minimum. So I asked the fine barista to make a tea for me just by mixing the green powder with hot water. And once that indulgent elixir touched my lips, I think I tasted heaven!

The authentic high quality powder is made from green tea leaves and is produced in such a way that all of the delicate aroma and incredible creamy taste is retained!IMG_6094

Now I completely understood Japanese! It is sooo good!

green tea

Matcha is so powerful that it cannot be consumed like a 2 Litre Coke at 7-Eleven! So no Grande here!

It is meant to be savored and enjoyed in moderation. The tea should be consumed no longer than 10 minutes after the powder is mixed with water.

Matcha is kind of the espresso of teas, if you will.


Tasting it for the first time is similar to tasting dark chocolate or wine. The sensation triggers the 5th umami taste buds. The blend is so creamy and complex that it may not appeal to everyone the first time. It is more of an acquired taste then an immediate crush.

Matcha green tea has 10 times more antioxidant powers and vitamins than the regular tobacco tasting green tea . Matcha helps strengthen the immune system, provides glowing skin and is a great energy booster. Their official sites state that monks have been using Matcha tea for years to enhance concentration and mental alertness. And if it’s good enough for the monks, it’s definitely good enough for me!

I would be curious to hear if anybody has tried it before.

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you do!

You might actually fall in love at your local Sturbucks, with Matcha tea!


‘Til next time!




18 thoughts on “Starbuck’s Secret Unveiled!

  1. Reblogged this on susanne287 and commented:
    Wow, very interesting. I never heard of this before and I am very anxious to try it. I drink a lot of green tea. I like it and it is very good for you. I love Starbuck’s for my coffee addiction, but now I am completely obsessed with trying this!

  2. As an Asian foreign affairs major, this post particularly appeals to me.
    I love tea. I love green tea, and I love matcha ! Have you ever tried matcha ice cream ? It’s the best thing ever !
    And yeah, I agree that beverages taste better when sugar or sodas or cream are not being added to them.

  3. Don’t anyone laugh now…. but….. Vanilla Ice-cream with Green Tea POWDER dusted over the to… I use it everywhere a recipe calls for Chocolate powder…

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