Resort or a City?

Many argue that Los Angeles does not feel like a city, but more like a resort.

Evelina Galli in a yellow trench

For me, the City of Angels is THE BEST CITY!

You can find everything here. You can even find New York in LA! Although it might have slightly better weather and a few less people to bump into …kidding of course!

.But LA is my top pick for fashion and fun! There’s no better place for me! 🙂Evelina Galli in a yellow trench

What city stole your heart?




24 thoughts on “Resort or a City?

  1. I really liked living in Madrid, Spain, because there was so much great art, music and theater, but I really love home in the Albuquerque area. In many ways Albuquerque is still a cow town, yet there are a lot of really talented people drawn here by the “enchantment factor”, so there are alway top-noch concerts, plays and art shows in the area.

  2. I love London. It’s such a feminine city with the river Thames (which used to be
    called Isis) flowing through the centre. I lived the first 35 years of my life in LA and never felt at home there. Amsterdam has to be my second favourite. Very confident and inspiring. I love Netherlands design.

  3. For me it’s Montreal, Canada my native city. I love it here for the variety of cultures and languages. The town is loaded with culinary delicacies from different parts of the world. The only dilemma is to decide where to eat. Will it be Italian, Chinese, French, Japenese, or…….Decision, decision. Winters are tough but summers are great! You should come and visit sometimes.

  4. Don’t know LA, or NYC as a matter of fact, I love my city, Montréal, but if I could, I would move to Vienna, to me this is where my hearth belong…love your blog by the way…:)

  5. I’ve been to your town and its a great town. Can’t wait to visit it again. I’ve been to NYC and it’s an amazing town with so many different people from all around the world, but the city which stole my hart is… CHICAGO. I fell in love with Chicago and would consider ditching the tropical weather in central Florida to live there.

  6. I am trying to expand my travels, but I have got to say I am still remembering my trip to Dallas, Texas. That’s one place I haven’t forgotten yet. Thank you for checking out my blog. I am glad to be able to follow you in your next adventures.

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