Use things. Love people. Don’t switch.

Apostolic Easter! ¬†“Authentic” Old School Christian experience ūüôā

Armenian Church

This is the shape of the building in Los Angeles , which is the same as the one built in  301 A.D. in Armenia.

The very first official Christian church !

Armenian Church

It is the mountain Ararat depicted in the picture, behind the church.That is where Noah’s¬†¬†Ark¬†landed.

Armenian Church

The Clothing Attire is also from the Fourth century.

Apparently it was a unique case of calendar synchronization that the Apostolic Church and Western Christians had Easter this year on the same day. I think only the Russian/Greek church is off this calendar year.

Armenian Church

Women have to cover their heads with lace handkerchiefs.

lace headcover

Yours truly ūüôā …Need to cover my head.

Evelina Galli

Only after covering your head are you allowed to take the piece of bread dipped in wine offered by the priest which symbolizes the end of the Lenten Journey.

And to have your prayers answered you of course need to light a candle.

Candles churchAnd my 3 prayers ūüôā

Church candles

Every year I experience an enlightening as I end my Lenten Journey. This year, I received my epiphany as I was walking out of the church.

Things are created to use and people are created to love and the problems come up when we switch them up.

I thought that was a very good thought (although I might have read it¬†on¬†, not sure where it came from, but the point is: it’s good!).

As a Fashion Designer I am constantly balancing the need to create with the guilt I have that I am contributing to the “bigger problem of consumerism in our society “. Apparently the way to properly balance feelings like these is in organizing my thoughts ūüôā

If I remember that I was put here to use my creativity, and do so with passion, all the while mindful of the negative effects it can have, I can be of maximum use. There is a downside to everything. It is in being aware of that downside, and taking steps to counteract that, that we can avoid sliding down the slippery slope of greed and materialism. So take this day of rebirth and renewal to commit to using your creativity in the most positive way possible!

Hope you all had a fun Easter and an Epiphany of your own!



Happy Easter !

Happy Easter !

Evelina Galli

The Lenten Journey is over!…Was a great Learning Experience, thanks to your feedback as well: on my posts and my experiences.

Also the names would be revealed of who I am going to illustrate according to our little game/competition!

Spring is Officially here!…Enjoy!

Sylvester Stallone starring as Cinderella?

Have you ever thought that the film Rocky is the greatest Cinderella story ever?ph1

I never realized that until today! I was reading an article about Sylvester Stallone and discovered that he was a starving actor/writer when he wrote Rocky. As a matter of fact, he wrote the whole story in one day out of sheer passion. And becauseof his persistence he was able to sell his story and star in it.

The story he told was an inspirational story about an underdog who never gave up. He detailed in an edgy and artistic way how¬†hard work led to Rocky’s big break! And life definitely imitated art because Rocky is what led to Sylvester Stallone’s big break as well!

That is exactly what the Cinderella story is about …Success after a longtime oppression!


Basically freedom from slavery! The last post about conquering fears fits perfectly with this theme as well‚Ķfighting our fears/weaknesses, conquering¬†our “demons” and rising above limitations in order to become the person we were meant to be!¬†

Evelina Galli

I always thought there must be some other message behind Cinderella besides teaching girls how to be gold diggers …and I finally got it! 

Evelina Ga


How have you used persistence and perseverance to rise above a challenge in your life?   What other messages do you think exist in the Cinderella story?

Wine Dilemma

Occasionally I do enjoy a glass of red wine…. Cabernet, to be more specific. But it is hard to navigate in the world of wine: with sulfites, no sulfites, organic, not so organic, old, young…the overwhelming display of cool labels and bottles …what to choose?

Evelina Galli
My recent find is Groth, an amazing California Wine (2009). It is delicious in every variety. It has a unique flavor, but is reminiscent of something familiar. I love the look, the aroma and the way it leaves an impression on my senses.

In many ways, wine is like fashion. Certain wines fit certain moods. Color and texture is important. And everyone has a favorite!

Evelina Galli

A good red wine is always a crowd-pleaser… especially dressed up in fine crystal!

Evelina Galli


What is your favorite vino?

Fearless in 3 STEPS!

This is the last week of my Lenten Journey, since Easter is this weekend!

Evelina Galli

Along with eliminating animal based food from the daily diet, eliminating bad habits and excess, the other most important aspect of the Lenten Journey is to eliminate our fears!

All people have fears: Fear of not being good enough, being good enough, being too thin, too fat, too young, too old‚Ķfear of public speaking, fear of losing your phone ūüôā‚Ķetc.

By using the metaphor of Jesus Christ in the desert, we can learn how to resist temptation. Jesus fasted and was tempted by Satan (the devil is behind all of our fears, big and small!!). But Jesus resisted temptation. The Church tells us that we need to follow the example of Jesus Christ to conquer our FEARS during our Lenten Journey and throughout our lives.

There is a common strategy used to eliminate and fight fear. It is the foundation for most programs that address fear and dates back to Old Greece (Seneca) and is still used today by many motivational Gurus :)…

Step 1:

Reveal your FEARS! It is very challenging to fight an unknown enemy. When we take an honest look at what we are truly afraid of, we can arm ourselves with the ammunition necessary to fight those fears. All negative emotions, jealousy, shame, guilt, anger and intolerance are all rooted in fear. Look under those hostile feelings to see what fear lies beneath them.

Step 2:

Imagine the worst thing you are afraid of becoming a reality. Instead of panicking about it, develop an action plan of what to do if it ever came true. This helps prepare you and teaches you how to cope with fears in a constructive and non-reactive way. It empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to address your fears if they do come true.

Step 3:

Acknowledge that there is a very slim chance of your fears actually becoming reality. This is critical in overcoming fear. If we focus on positive things, we get positive results. If we focus on fear, we become fearful. By having this knowledge that fears rarely come true, and by having a plan to deal with them if they do, we can overcome our fears. This does not mean we will be without fear. But we will, in essence, have less fear!

So relax… You are now FEARLESS!


What do you think about these 3 easy steps for becoming fearless?

I am working on mine. I have a week left until Easter, so luckily, I still have some time!




Beautiful Things

Do you ever feel that by surrounding yourself with beautiful things you feel better and think clearer?

EVelina Galli

I feel that for that nano-second that my eyes stop to rest¬†on a pretty glass ornament, unique color¬†or artistic¬†shape, I get an inner mini-smile. It’s as if my spirit is recognizing that life is beautiful in so many intimate and intricate ways. And as¬†a result I¬†feel lifted, elevated to a¬†more positive level. My body and mind align in gratitude and peace and I think and work better …

Is that strange? 

Evelina Galli office staples

So I choose to surround myself with things that are beautiful to me and awaken my inner smile.

My office “Staples…”

Never a day without them!


My chocolate “Alexander McQueen ” shoesI’m sure one day I’m going to have a party with girlfriends and eat it!

Evelina Galli  Franz porcelain

Franz coffee cup (I absolutely adore porcelain!..almost a lost art!)


My dream Porcelain Service from the Nymphenburg collection, designed in 1812 and still in production!

Do you have any “Object Fetishes” that arouse your inner appreciation?

The Journey is more Important than the Destination

…And choosing the correct FUEL is crucial for a smooth¬†ride

Fuel is more than just what we put into our bodies to keep them running, it is more than just food. Fuel is mental, emotional and spiritual. In order to enjoy every moment of our Journey, we need to be sure that we are constantly recharging ourselves with the right fuels so that we can travel this road of life at our maximum performance level!

Evelina Galli 1

So what is YOUR destination? Is it the final end point on the road to _____? Or is it the journey along the way?

I vote for the journey and my choice of high-quality FUEL: Great  Inspirations picked up at every rest area on the voyage that is uniquely mine.

Evelina Galli

What are you voting for: the Journey or the Destination?

And what is your favorite Power Fuel to guarantee Smooth Traveling?

Chemical Romance

After having a¬†¬†cup of coffee with my girlfriend, I started thinking …EVelina Galli

Why do we choose¬†to use the word “chemistry” in our conversations so often, especially when we refer to¬†“falling in love?”

And when did the term¬†“Falling in Love” fall out of Fashion?

I understand that the food we eat that comes from¬†animals and plants is preserved with chemicals,¬†the fabric used to make our clothing is often treated with¬†chemicals, medicine, vitamins, and just about everything that can be found in a grocery store or pharmacy contains chemicals of some form or another…but our emotions?

Of course there is scientific evidence that a¬†chemical reaction¬†occurs in our brains when we experience that moment of attraction. But when we refer to these amazing, wondrous physiological simulating responses as some version of “laboratory results” in our everyday conversations, we desensitize the incredible emotions they truly are.

I don’t know about you, but I much more enjoy hearing someone say “I love ¬†YOU”¬†than… “I am having a chemical reaction for you!”

In fact, if someone said that to me I might have to strongly consider ending the relationship! ūüôā

I am joking of course!

Evelina Galli


But what is your take?