Fresh from the Paris runways!

Thank you all for chiming in with answers to my question “Which fashion decade is your favorite?” A lot of you expressed fascination with 1940’s and 1950’s men’s fashion.

I couldn’t agree more! Interestingly enough, it is right on trend of what is happening currently on Paris Runways.

Look for yourself!

20130301-171451.jpg          20130301-171510.jpg

Big shoulders, generous cuts, elegant silhouettes and luxurious fabrics! These ensembles are a throwback to a time when men were chivalrous, classy was chic and dressing down meant taking your hat off!

Very cool indeed!


Would you like to see men dressing like this in Fall?


6 thoughts on “Fresh from the Paris runways!

  1. I personally love the 50s and 60s for men and women. It was such a time where men dressed ultra business masculine and women dressed ultra feminine. I think it’s a beautiful fashion sense !!

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