Las Vegas and True Romance

Last weekend I accidentally stumbled upon this image from Art Hamptons. It is a breathtaking sculpture by Renzo.

A solid thought

It reminded me of the art of balancing work and life.Taking some time for self-rejuvenation is as vital to the soul as hard work. In order to perform at your peak, you need your rest.

And as you can tell by this picture, I was in desperate need of a little respite myself!


I had been working so hard lately and felt like I needed to get myself back in balance.

So I hopped on a plane….

Picture from the airplane

and instantly felt better!


And finally landed in Las Vegas.! Okay, maybe not the most relaxing place in the world!

Las Vegas

But definitely a great place to wake up my mind and spirit! I don’t gamble. I think it is just a waste of time and money that I would rather spend on my other addictions, like caffeine and cell phone bills!

I love Las Vegas because it is overflowing with life. Art, culture and entertainment spill out of every seedy corner and every elaborate resort. I spend my time visiting little exhibits that are often overlooked by the visitors who flock to the casinos and buffets. But they are treasures in the middle of a diamond mine!

I’ve seen Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions come to life in real functional objects at the Venetian. I’ve gazed at out of this world Ferrari’s at the Wynn and astounding works of art at the Bellagio. And who can pass up the opportunity to shop, eat and take in an incredible Vegas show?!

This time I chose Le Reve at the Wynn. This spectacular “water show” was performed to  perfection! It was executed with amazing dancers, swimmers, great lighting and even a few magic tricks!

But what really captivated me was the story line… (Spoiler alert!) I’m gonna reveal the plot…

La Reve

Le Reve is a story about a girl and a boy who fall helplessly in love. But the boy disappears and the girl is courted by numerous men…none of whom can even come close to being her true love.

The show takes you on a journey of sadness, suspense and heart pounding highs and lows until the girl wakes up (apparently it was all just a dream) and her “True Love” comes back! Happy ending!

le reve

Even though this is the oldest story on earth, it was so interesting to watch this type of romance unfold in the most un-Romantic, cynical, sinful city where prostitution is legal and costumed characters can marry or divorce couples through a drive through window!

le reve

This paradox makes me wonder why we want to believe in True Love at all?

Despite the cynicism, despite the difficulties, despite the chances of maybe never meeting our true loves, are we all just Romantics at heart?

Le Reve

Or in the same way that we believe what we see when the magicians mystify us and the performers draw us into their story, are we just victims of our own mass delusion?


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