And now …’50’s inspired Women’s Fashion !

We talked about men’s fashion inspired by the ’50’s and a lot of you mentioned that ’50’s women’s fashion was fun as well.

I am a huge fan of this type of fashion. It has definitely made a come back with the popularity of 1950’s based television shows and movies.

This is my take on the ’50’s!

Evelina Galli in a 50s dress

A bit of “Mad Men” style.

Evelina Galli in a 50es dress

This dress screams simplicity with its clean lines, fun floral print and bold tie that cinches it all together!

Evelina Galli in a 50s dress

Would love to see your favorite outfits!




9 thoughts on “And now …’50’s inspired Women’s Fashion !

  1. I love the 50s fashions. I also love how people used to dress nicely when stepping out their front door. My grandmother had to have her shoes, bag, and gloves match. Or was it shoes, bag, and belt? Either way, I’m sick of seeing people in their pajamas and other such sloppy clothes. When did we decide it was ok to look like crap?

    1. Amen! Even if your style is more “grunge” cant it be put together grunge? Anything can be dressed up or down. On NYE (in the morning!) I had to go to the hospital for severe stomach pains. They gave me a prescription to fill and on my way there I wore full on college sweats (which mind you I only break out when I’m really sick), and while walking all I could think was: oh gosh, I hope no one recognizes me!

  2. Love it! I’m sure the main reason I love “Mad Men” is the fact that I get to see gorgeous outfits!

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