Let there be water!

The easiest change we can make in order to cleanse our system is to increase our water intake.

Evelina Galli waterDrink water with lemon juice, to turn it into alkaline water which will help detoxify your system. The minimum amount of water to drink is 8 glasses a day. In order get your required amount of water in daily, make it a habit by setting a “Water Alarm.” Start by drinking 2 glass immediately after waking up (very important, since body gets dehydrated during the sleep!), …then at 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm. Try to avoid drinking too much water right before bedtime, otherwise you will be having an all night toilet marathon!

Also avoid drinking water with your main meals. Although water fills you up, it also dilutes the enzymes that you need to digest your food. Instead, have a full glass of water about 30 to 45 minutes before your meal.

This is just one small step towards a healthier life!

Stay tuned for more easy steps!




20 thoughts on “Let there be water!

    1. From:livestrong.com
      But there are other sources too where you can find more detailed explanation..this is just short
      Lemons have a low, highly acidic pH, which is attributable to their citric acid content. The acidity of a fresh lemon can vary between 2.2 and 2.4 on the pH scale, depending on the fruit’s state of ripeness. Canned, unsweetened lemon juice has a consistent pH of 2.3. Compared to lemons, limes are slightly more acidic, oranges and grapefruit are slightly less acidic and cranberries are approximately as acidic. The pH nature of lemons changes during the body’s metabolic process, however, and they become highly alkaline-forming. Adding just 1 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice to a glass of water is an easy way to give your body a boost of alkalinity.

  1. I’m baffled by people who drink bottled water where I live. It’s one of the Blue Zones, and has some of the hardest water in the world. Make a jug of water with cut up limons each night for the morning. It’s so common here, it’s hard to believe anyone needs to be reminded to drink water, but I guess it is so.
    On my Way….

  2. I find that drinking water with lemon makes me use the restroom more frequently than when I just drink water alone. In my mind, the lemon aids in the detox process. I could be wrong but that is my personal observation.

    1. I think that way too, but I also think it’s because the lemon adds that extra touch of flavor so I drink a little more than I normally would in a shorter amount of time 😉

  3. I like to drink water with lemon in the morning as I find it really gives me a bit of a boost and wakes me up faster. I can’t go without drinking water often in the day now, it’s helped me lose weight and my skin clear up a lot! x

  4. Very informative Evelina! While we detox, “Let it Rain” that would be quite the sight,lol!
    The pink beautifully accentuates next to the flowers! Mesmerizing!

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