Car or Public Transportation?

Los Angeles is definitely not a “Public Transportation friendly” city! …and we often even stop questioning it….but I am curious…

Evelina Galli

Which do you prefer and why? The car or public transportation?


31 thoughts on “Car or Public Transportation?

  1. Car. Not only are you free to get where you need to go on your own schedule, cars are still more efficient than public transportation. I have such an erratic schedule, the limited public transportation we have out here is useless to me. Even the train system they put in between Albuquerque and Santa Fe is inefficient. When I have an hour long meeting in Santa Fe, and I drive it, costs the client 2.5 hours of my time. If the meeting is at a time I could use the train, it’s 6 hours of my time by the train’s schedule, but I can ethically only bill the client for 2.5 hours.

    1. BTW When I lived in Madrid, Spain, the public transportation was great, and I didn’t need a car. If I lived in a big city’s with decent public transit, I’d use the transit.

  2. For LA lol car only, Seattle bus, Paris train, Tokyo train, London car which is strange they have a great tram but I like driving in London. Bangkok motor cycle!!! Oh yeah they’re crazy 😉

  3. I mean, it really depends… On the public transport. If it is good public transportation, I definitely prefer it. For example, riding the Long Island Railway is heaven: comfortable, luxurious, civilized. You relax, read, gaze out the window at the passing scenery, catch glimpses of the way people live in many different neighborhoods.

    If the public transportation is not so civilized and wonderful, then I prefer my car, where I can create that environment for myself.

    When it comes to taking an airplane, I’ll do it every time. I love everything about flying and the added security post 9/11 has not even diminished my enthusiasm, because I like the TTSA employees. I shared a good laugh with one of them one time. I was taking off my belt and I asked him, “Did anyone ever go too far and start taking off all their clothes?” And he said,”Yes. It has happened. And I’m like no no no! Please stop!”

    I love airports: the bookstores, coffee shops, being able to get a scone or some other tasty treat that you can’t get anywhere else, the beautiful artwork that many terminals show because the long corridors and people movers lend themselves perfectly to displaying art. And the flight itself, taking off, flying, looking down, being waited on, there’s nothing about it that I don’t like.

    My preference, in summary, is to be transported. But I have high standards for such transportation and if they are not met, prefer my own.

    What a great topic.

    And I absolutely love the adorable picture.



    1. I don’t like air travel as much, but I was in a really hectic flying situation and stumbled upon a sushi restaurant that was magnifc! aw, it was a nice little “getaway” within a getaway.

  4. In a big city definitely public transportation. Or bicycle! (A pretty one with a basket up front!)
    But where I live (saint Martin, FWI) the public transportation is horrible. Here you can not get around without a car.. (And driving too fast on these roads are my guilty pleasure..)

  5. It depends, The car is great for work. Public transportation is best for pleasure, then you can have a drink and relax. Love cars though, hobby of mine.

  6. Never been to LA but I’m still voting for car. If feels like you just get to where you need to get to on your own time and you don’t need to rely on anyone!

  7. Public….take a taxi if you need, cheaper…., and I am not even talking about ecology…but of course I’m living in a city, and public transportation here is fairly good….

  8. Well I live in the Bronx, NY so I would prefer public transportation, but if I lived in a small town most def car 🙂

  9. On lives in Manchester, England and it’s much the same here. It’s tram and then buzz for me; hanging around with all the loons on public transport (I’m probably one of them) every day is interesting. But how about cycling in to work? Well I’d be run over within days! Or walking? Don’t be silly, Mr. Wapojif!!!

  10. I love both! I recently moved to New Orleans where the public transport system is wonderful! I love being able to sit by the window with the breeze blowing through my hair. However I love my car too! Prior to my move I didn’t really have access to public transit so car was the way to go. If I’m driving though, I prefer to be driving on a Summer night with the windows down and no one else on the road!

    Also, thank you so much for following me! I’ve truley enjoyed everything I’ve seen in your blog thus far!


  11. well, I live in the middle of a triangle that consists of Washington DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis. I can be downtown in any one of these cities in 20 minutes by car (with good traffic). The convenience is great! The traffic sucks. The parking often sucks. And I drive a stick. The DC beltway is no place for a stick shift. :0
    So, I prefer my car into Annapolis or Baltimore (Baltimore public trans is a little scary), but definitely the metro into DC.

  12. It depends on where you live. When I was living in New York City I definitely chose public transportation. The subway was much faster than being stuck in traffic. Growing up in California I preferred a car. . . It would be nice to be able to live near work and think about other transportation options that would be better for the environment . . . what about more bike lanes and less pollution?

  13. Depends on where I’m going. If it’s even remotely walking distance then I prefer walking, but public transportation is fine most of the time (there can be creep overload at times). Car’s nice, I don’t have a car of my own, but if someone else in my family is driving I’m happy to tag along.

  14. What a fun topic… oh I loved living in London and using all its modes of transport, the bus was fabulous, as you could just hop on and off as you fancied. Public transport for me if in the right city but there is still something fab about the great London cab. Loves Anna x

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