Love in Black

I often get asked what fragrance I am wearing, since it has a very unique smell. I am always excited to answer that question because it is one of my absolute favorite “discoveries” and I use it only for “special occasions.”

Evelina Galli perfume

It is a black rose smelling fragrance from Europe, called “Love in Black” by Creed.


realrose by Timothy Price

It kind of smells like this picture by Timothy Price.

What is your favorite fragrance?


19 thoughts on “Love in Black

  1. I love black. That’s all I wear, I have black cats, and I like to photograph black roses. Interesting perfume, We’ll be in Paris on our 31st wedding anniversary, you’ve given me a great idea for a gift:• )

      1. Your’e welcome. I’m honored that you used it. Anytime you need a supporting photo, just ask. I might have what you need:• )

        We’ll be in France for 5 weeks. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  2. Thank you for sharing of your secret. It is really special and unique fragrance. It is even not easy to find it. In Canada the only store which carry it is Holt Renfrew. Today in the morning my wife was pleased to get such a present.

  3. Love in Black a rarity?? as…european (italian) i have a different idea about it…However, i do appreciate Creed ( you can find the proof:) on my blog )…i also like the complexity of VoloAz 686…unconventional creation…BUT…my favourite one is Black Afgano, no matter if the public labels it as “masculine”…just love it…and feel it as “my perfume”…:)

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