Happy March 8th! International Women’s Day!

What started as a day to celebrate working women and the women’s rights movement in many countries (particularly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries) has became the DAY of  Celebration of Girls, Motherhood, Feminine Beauty and Feminine  Happiness (whatever that means to you!). For many, this has become a day when men will be on their “best behavior” and cook breakfast, clean the house, buy perfume and flowers for the women in their lives!

Whatever your take on it is, the celebration of career women or female beauty, empowerment and happiness are all things to be valued, honored and recognized today! And what woman doesn’t want an extra day that’s all about them?!

Happy Women’s Day!

evelina galli

But what do you think women need…or want…Celebration of their femininity or the feminism ideals?



24 thoughts on “Happy March 8th! International Women’s Day!

  1. If I want to be REALLY honest about it, every day is Women’s day at my house. lol There’s always been 1 man me (the head hauncho) and my 4 daughters. The man NEVER wins. lol Poor guy. But if I were going to celebrate women’s day, I’d celebrate femininity. I believe women’s rights are fairly equal to men’s rights. now days and femininity is much more interesting to me than feminism. Do you know if there’s a “men’s day”? I actually didn’t even know there’s a women’s day until I read your post! lol

  2. As a man I wouldn’t presume to express a view on your question. What I do add to my observation of International Women’s Day is recollection that 99 years ago, men and women walked out of the factories in honour of the day, the first of five days of demonstrations which ended the Romanov dynasty and is now known as the February Revolution.

  3. I guess a woman would best answer the question, in some ways. But I was thinking about International Women’s Day as our employer is a big sponsor of it in Australia, andI thought about all the women in oppressed countries who can’t even read a book for fear punishment. And seen as second class people…

    It would be my wish that one day this will change for the good of all… 🙂

  4. At first I thought a bit of both, BUT I think at this point Feminity. It’s fantastic to be pampered, feel beautiful and sexy, wined and dined. Your posts are a great read. Thank you for following my blog bubblemomentpages. I look forward to looking around yours some more.

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