Mars + Venus =

Judging from your answers, I feel as women we have really come a long way. Gone are the days of having to constantly prove ourselves, to validate our roles in relationships, at home and in business.

We live at a point in modern history when we have accomplished a lot and now we are more  “holistic” women…career women, mothers, homemakers..anything we want!…Being a career woman or a feminine woman is not mutually exclusive anymore. All the strong, brave women who came before us not only lit those torches, but carried those torches for us and gave us what we sometimes take for granted: a more gender equal world in which women are respected and revered!

Evelina Galli


So this game of life should not be a battle between the sexes. We should not view the other gender as an adversary. There should be no Mars vs Venus, but rather Mars + Venus. It is clear to me that we women have arrived and we should happily co-exist and co-create a better world along with men!

6 thoughts on “Mars + Venus =

  1. The thing that I love about this post, is that obviously your and intelligent, strong, beautiful woman empowered to be who you are. Equality in all thing is so important. as a man I rejoice to see woman of all shapes,sizes,colors and creed, rise above oppression of any kind and be the strong exquisite humans they are.

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