Hot Pants, My Great Grandma and The Global Village

I cannot get over the fact that we ARE truly living in the Global Village!

The incredible support that I have received from all of you proves that we are a REAL community and are there for each other, in a form of encouragement, kind words and advice, from all over the world! It is truly astonishing and seems like a dream come true. Now I am even thankful for that silly e-mail, since it created a spark that fueled a way for us to get to know each other better and learn from each other. …

Evelina Galli meditation

I hope from the length of my hot pants and the shape of my décolleté, everyone has figured out by now that I am not an “orthodox member” of the Orthodox Church. Armenian Apostolic Church (part of the Oriental Orthodoxy) requires long dresses and covered necks as well as covered heads for women. It has never been about belonging to any formal religion for me. Instead, it is about weaving together the “best practices” from across the globe that we can share with each other.

Do we need to be Buddhist monks to meditate or be yogis to practice yoga? Both of these practices are such an inseparable part of our modern culture that even asking that question sounds silly.

I feel fasting and observing Lent is a great tradition. I have seen it commonly practiced in Armenia for most of my life and I wanted to share my personal experience with you. This practice has rewarded me with a number of physical, emotional and spiritual benefits… weight loss, more energy, sense of control over appetite, self-discipline …etc.

Evelina Galli

I first learned about The Great Lent from my great grandma, the most spiritual person I have ever met! She was the kindest, wisest and most amazingly beautiful woman in my life. She never got sick and lived well past 90 years old. She died in full acceptance and at complete peace with her life. She bid good-bye to her earthly existence during her sleep and she quietly transitioned from this world to the next.

My great grandmother would fast regularly and avoided eating after 6:00 pm. She prayed day and night and was filled with an abundant supply of energy that even 20 year olds would envy. She was an incredible cook and made gourmet French dishes (she was from the South of France) but would be satisfied with just bread, water and a piece of apple on most days. Then on the weekends she would share her fantastic dishes with us and we would all enjoy them together.

Her incredible discipline was always very alluring to me. She was my motivation for many of the habits I have developed. She inspired me to observe the Lent the first time and after that, it became my regular “Spring Cleansing” ritual.

evelina galli

I feel that joining this blogging community just a over a month ago has been a great learning experience for me. I have learned about people and from people from every corner of the globe in a very intimate and personal way.

I have come to absolutely love blogging and following your blogs! I think my great grandmother would be proud of the way I am using this blog to pass on her secrets of longevity and life happiness.

So I am curious…what motivates you to write and share on a regular basis?

16 thoughts on “Hot Pants, My Great Grandma and The Global Village

  1. I need to have a focus and for me its about helping people kick start their day and hopefully inspire them to clean up the planet on the way! Great post, we can all learn a lot from each other rather than protect our belief at the expense of others

  2. It really is a community…a beautiful one. I’m finding the blogging experience is helping me rediscover many different aspects of myself and I’m soooo loving it! Each time I come up against any kind of hate or cyber bullying, I find myself accepting even more of who I am, loving even more of myself…my heart only ever grows from the experience. The words of another are their judgements and beliefs about themselves and their world. It’s never nice, especially being so open, sensitive and loving…though I’m learning a lot about self love in the process and that is freakin awesome. Really loving your posts and love your outfit too 🙂 xx

  3. I love blogging. I decided to start on New Years Eve and to post a blog a day, like a journal. This itself was a personal goal, which I am proud to say I have managed so far. It has also made me realise that my life isn’t as dull as I thought I always have something to write. This is my space to express myself. I also love the things I learn from other bloggers in The Global Village and feel I have made many connections that have enriched my life. You have shown me your beauty on the inside and outside and for that I am grateful. Your motives are pure and that horrible comment said more about the writer than it did you!

  4. “Now I would be curious to know what motivates you to write and share on a regular bases?”, for me, I get so much in return, just small insights into how other people live, what other places look like, I am a vicarious traveller on here, absorbing sights and cultures that I may never see first hand 😀

  5. Wonderful we’ve connected via blogging, TogetherOne. I like to blog, sharing my art and what’s presently in front of me.

  6. Thanks for liking my blogpost! I’m new to this, and for me what helps keep me going is the desire to finally share my voice with the world rather than staying silent and dying “with my music still in me” as Wayne Dyer says. I followed you on twitter too. Mine is @AlignMeSarni. Thank you for taking time to visit my page it means a lot and I’ll visit yours again 🙂

  7. I love blogging and it’s great to hear what other people have to say. I find it’s more like a scrap-book than a diary. Blogs seem to be a lot more intimate than other online media, which gives them a certain authenticity. It is a great way to connect!

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