I received a very interesting phone call today! One of my friends was asking me about a blogger who he saw liking my website:

“Evelina, do you know where in China she lives? I am going on a trip to Asia and I really think I want to meet her!” At first I thought it was kind of funny. He thought I personally knew everyone on my blog. And coincidentally, I just was talking about the “Global Village.”

But after I thought about it for a minute… It gave me an idea! Why not?

I would love to know you personally!

One way of doing that would be for you to write a little comment here about yourself and about your blog, sort of like a little intro

Hope to hear from you!

Evelina Galli

Can’t wait to meet you all!


38 thoughts on “Let’s meet!

  1. Hiho!

    I’m Mashi, obviously, (who else would I be?) and I’m a 20 something professional fiction writer and stage performer. When I was younger I used to be a full time Gothic Lolita enthusiast, and as an adult I still find that my home is full of cuteness, and that for the most part, I never really lost my Kawaii qualities. I’m not the prettiest girl on the block, But I like t think I’m quite fun! My blog is kind of an outlet for the things that my Industrial, Metal, Goth and Punk rocker friends wouldn’t quite understand about me. http://teamouseblog.wordpress.com

    I love your sense of style, You’re very Audrey Hepburn, girl friend! Rock it!

  2. Really like your style and this idea in particular is really interesting, especially as I have only just started blogging in the last few days.

    I’m Ashley and I am a biochemistry student at Exeter University. Most of my blogs so far have been on science issues, but i have a few others, couple sport related such as the concept of ‘greatness’ and a couple of general themed ones. My technique is probably a little poor at the moment so any suggestions and feedback would be really appreciated.


  3. Hello there Evelina!

    Well what to write about me… this is a glorious opportunity! my name is Mr. Wapojif and I live in Manchester, England with my pet hamster Beans. I am 28 and I am still have a full head of hair! No baldness for me. My blog, http://www.professionalmoron.com, is an absurdist’s take on absurdity.

    Things I like? Cake, tea, literature, and good music. And when I write good music I mean classical, mainly, such as Mozart and Vivaldi. I also like brushing my teeth and blowing my nose.

    Peace and vegetables!


  4. Thanks for stopping by on my recent post about doors. I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio and have had my blog about 4 1/2 years … and post on a wide range of topics. Thanks for asking … and thanks for sharing your classy look.

  5. This is fantastic! Well I currently live in Vancouver Canada. I have a background in screenwriting but have had so many different jobs I can’t even count. I’m currently in Real Estate Development and am trying to make a huge move to Europe. My blog, http://www.girlintheyellowdress.com is really a documentation of all the wonderful things that I discover!

  6. Hmm. I’m a lawyer and professional baseball writer. I’ve recently started a personal blog (williameparker.wordpress.com) to talk about politics or whatever else is on my mind. It’s more self indulgent and obnoxious than usual today, because it’s my birthday. 🙂

  7. Wonderful idea indeed! I have already seen some new blogs to visit 😉
    I’m Jantine, Dutch, and until recently a fulltime student. Right now I fill my days with a parttime job, blogging and finding out what I want. I started an English blog on wordpress not too long ago, after writing in Dutch all the time. My big dream is to become a writer, or to do something creative, and I hope to combine both at least a little on there.

  8. Interesting idea! Well my blog really is about random things in my life. Currently it’s mainly about Frankfurt since I just moved here. I’m born in Singapore but a Canadian citizen. However lately i’m beginning to feel more like a global citizen. Other than that I love fashion, museums, Art, crappy Tv and reading.

    Lovely photo btw! 🙂

  9. Love the dress.
    I’m here because you found me first. I like to visit people who come to my blog.
    As you may know, my blog is about writing science fiction and fantasy stories. I sometimes analyze someone else’s work, which then makes me think about my work. Lately, I’ve been writing short stories.
    I also post my photographs and painting.

  10. Hi, my name is Abdelmjid Seghir. I’m 26 years old and I’m a teacher of English from Morocco.

    Education, culture and cultural issues, photography and sports make up 90% of what I write/talk/think about. Therefore, I made sure to make these the main categories of this blog.
    Here is my blog address: https://abdelseg.wordpress.com/
    Thank you 🙂

  11. My name is Shanice Aggrey and I am a up and coming journalist who is into fashion music and film. I write about different things on my blog and i think it would be really good if i got to interview you and also take some photos for my blog. I live in London

    look forward to hearing from you.

  12. Hello Evelina! What a great idea! and as far as I can see, you have a huge response..so this is mine…I am Myrta and I am from Greece.I’ve been in London for three years now, trying to figure out what to do with my life…I finished Law but my heart belongs to fashion…hahaha

    Keep blogging…have a good day!


  13. Hi! I’m a college student in the bay area and i just changed my blog to lifethruawardrobe.wordpress.com (it used to be lifethruawardrobe.tumblr.com). basically my blog is about the clothes that get us through life. and how we can use them to communicate to others about who we were, who we are, and who we want to become.

    i love your blog. the pictures are beautiful.

    thank you!


  14. Hi Evelina!
    I’m an American expat living in Tokyo. My blog was created to share some of the crazy things that I see here with my friends and family, people interested in Japan, and people who might not know much about how amazing Tokyo is!

  15. Hey Evelina,
    You got a fun blog going on. I like the spirit of your blog. As for me, I am exploring digital world, expressing myself and sharing my journey in forms of stories. I love the idea of connecting without thinking of a physical location. The link to my den is http://takelight.wordpress.com/

    Welcome anytime.

  16. Hello Evelina,

    Just popped into your blog and saw this post and thought it was a neat idea. My blog is mostly about improving myself and overcoming my insecurities. I have some different features that I run where I try to engage my readers which works pretty well. I also have comics. I am really loving the comic portion of my blog lately. Have a good weekend.


  17. Thank you Evelina I am a magazine editor in Cape Town, South Africa and I live on the edge of the sea with my three small children and our bull terrier Kookai (after the French fashion label but she also has one blue eye). Life is just starting for me, I feel like a débutante. I am grasping my freedom with both hands and using my soul and feelings as my 8-ball divinator… We love surfing, finding treasure on the beach, eating prawns, painting – I am debating whether to start up my side business again called Style Exchange – a recycled ladies fashion swop – since we only wear 30% of the clothes in our wardrobes, we need to clear the clutter and pass it on so we can make space for new things to come into our lives! Here is to spreading the love – mwah! and thanks again!

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