Fashion,West Hollywood and President Obama

There are a lot of Men’s Wear shows on the LA catwalks this season. I don’t recall ever seeing this much saturation of male fashion in previous seasons.

This particular show was a lot of fun!


It was like taking a tour down Sunset Boulelvard, starting from Silverlake (FYI you non-LA residents: the bohemian/artistic part of the town), through Hollywood (the more club /shop/touristy area) to West Hollywood (stylish gay men’s community). The whole exposition had a very ‘80’s “happy” vibe performed with a nouveau Vogue form of choreography by stunning, colorful legging clad dancers…


During the show, I was sitting next to a handsome couple and after a brief exchange of show related humorous remarks, they proudly announced that they just got married.

“Congratulations!” I said. “Good for you! I did not know that it is now legal in California.”fs1

“Actually we got married in Vermont,” they answered and elaborated “in a little intimate ceremony wearing American-Indian costumes!”

“Wow! That sounds very original. How long have you been together?” I was getting curious and wanted to know a little more about these elated lovebirds.

“For more than 12 years!” they answered with joyful smiles.

I was amazed! That is a serious commitment! 


In my line of work I meet many committed monogamous male couples. Ironically enough however, the stories I hear from women could be summarized into one big topic: about men’s lack of commitment!

I thought it was an unexplored paradox!

How do commitment dynamics change when a man gets involved with another man? 


How is that they, and committed monogamous female couples, often become so eager to commit that even the country’s President gets seriously involved in the issue?

Is it because we as humans are motivated by oppression? Do we long for what we can’t have? Are we inspired to fight for those things that others are allowed to do but we are not? Is it a desire for commitment or more a deep passionate yearning for the basic civil liberty of equality?


What do you think our society should do: Let gay couples officially commit or to prohibit?


4 thoughts on “Fashion,West Hollywood and President Obama

  1. Same sex couples need the same legal rights as traditional married couples, especially when it comes to inheritance and property rights.

    A friend died recently, and the woman who he had lived with for many years was thrown out into the street by his family because they didn’t like her. She had no legal standing to make a claim for his money or property because they were not married — she is now in a bad situation, but they at least had the choice to be legally married, in which case, all his money and property would have been hers.

    But same sex couples who live in NM do not have the option to be legally married, so if one the partners dies, and he has family who can make claim to his money and property, his partner has no legal standing to claim what would be his if they were legally married.

  2. But was there anything really interesting for men to wear besides another jacket of a different dark colour with maybe pinstripes or wool grid pattern, and one coloured pants, a tie maybe to go with it all? I don’t even know why they have most men’s wear fashion shows.

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