Freddie Mercury, Traffic Ticket, or Perks of the Fashion Week

Stuck in traffic, was looking at my phone’s GPS to figure out what Siri was talking about when she told me to make a right on a street in downtown LA. It was a ONE WAY street! …I really don’t get her sometimes!

Evelina Galli

While trying to figure out my way to Vibiana to take in some fashion shows, I got the feeling that I was being watched. I firmly believe that intuition is there for a reason and sure enough, there were flashing lights behind me and a police motorcycle telling me to move to the right and stop.

Stopping was not an issue since I was in traffic anyway, but moving to the right was another challenge! I managed to maneuver my car through the maze of vehicles and pulled over. I peered through my tiny car window and was startled to see an impressively large head stuffed in a helmet. That’s not what caught me off guard. It was the fact that not only could the helmet hold that big head, but also that it could contain what looked like Freddie Mercury’s mustache:


“Ma’am, your license and registration please!”

I write about phobias and LA transportation quite often. And even though the traffic here is horrendous, getting a traffic ticket is a 15 on a scale of 1-10 of phobias. It’s not just the fine and inconvenience of a ticket. It’s more the idea that if I get points on my license and worse yet, lose driving privileges in LA, I may as well pack my things and move to another city….

I tried to rationalize with Officer Mercury. “Sir, I understand I did something wrong since you stopped me, but I’m super late for the Fashion show and I will be completely devastated if they close the doors and I can’t get in!”

Freddie wasn’t having any of it. “Ma’am you can not use your phone while driving.” Aha, it wasn’t my fault. I got pulled over because of the phone… because of SIRI!

Evelina Galli

“I was just using my GPS, no texting or talking! I swear,” I pleaded for mercy.

By the expression on his face I realized that the strength of my argument was not very convincing. Then I looked at the time!

I continued… “I’m honestly late for the fashion show,” I uttered. (And why on Earth do phones have GPS systems if you can’t use them when you are driving? Very puzzling!)

All of a sudden a miracle occurred! … After running his fingers over his Freddie Mercury mustache in a feeble attempt to tame it, the policemen replied…

“Ma’am this is a serious warning…. No Handheld Devices in the car,” he said. I was trying to take him seriously, but all that kept coming to my mind was Bohemian Rhapsody. He went on, “But since you are late for Fashion Week I’m gone let you go this time!”

What? Because of the Fashion Week? The Policemen?

I was quite stunned, but could not have been happier. Not just about getting out of a ticket. But about the fact that apparently there are policemen with Fashion Awareness! How fabulous is that! 

Evelina Galli

Maybe the mustache look is making a come back. Who knows… maybe Officer Mercury is a trail blazer for future men’s fashion! Miracles do happen!


12 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury, Traffic Ticket, or Perks of the Fashion Week

  1. What a cool guy, now theres one to remember and I do sometimes use my GPS on my phone… a dilemma now. Looking forward to hearing more on Fashion week too. Loves Anna x

  2. Excellent! Loved your description of the policeman, and please share more about fashion week. You look fantastic by the way. Very cool under pressure.

  3. I’m sure your innocent look, and the way you raised your sunglasses made points with the officer, who had to at least scold you for using your handheld device while in the car. I have a dumb phone that hasn’t quite mastered phone calls, GPS would probably fry a circuit or two.

    My wife said she got stopped for speeding the other day while taking our friend home after choir practice. She said she innocently told the officer that she and our friend were discussing mathematics and she didn’t notice how fast she was going. Between the math story, which she said was true (she’s a mathematician and teaches math) and that fact that both she and our friend are very pretty, the officer must have been amused because he let her off even though she was driving 20 mph over the posted speed limit.

    What has saved me a couple of times from getting tickets is my picture on my driver’s license. I have some T-shirts with Infidel on the front and back. When I got my license renewed a few years ago, I wore one of my Infidel T-shirts, went to an MVD Express (private company franchised by the State to process driver’s licenses, titles, etc.), and asked the young woman who processed my new license if she could get the Infidel in the photo — she did, which is totally against the rules, but God bless free enterprise with a government franchise. I have been stopped twice for speeding since then and both times the officers laughed after I handed them my license, they asked me where I got the T-shirt, told me I just made their days, and suggested I slow down a little.

  4. Hilarious post. “Maybe the mustache look is making a comeback” – maybe that explains why every piece of merchandise has curlicue mustaches on them now =)

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