What are your WEEKEND plans?

It is a Fabulous DAY! What should I do?

Evelina Galli week-endExplore the CITY?…Go for BRUNCH?

Evelina Galli week end

A swim sounds fun, since the water is so WARM!…

…It all SOUNDS GREAT!…But I have got a PLAN…

Evelina Galli week end

What Plans Do YOU have?…Anything FUN?

29 thoughts on “What are your WEEKEND plans?

  1. Painting, lol, but that’s no surprise. Oh yes and box up sold pieces to ship on Monday, gather special treats to include with paintings, I always send treats 😉

  2. I love it! do NOTHING! 🙂 I’m actually planning on going to one of the Saint Patty’s Day parades down here. Apparently they throw cabbages and Potatoes at the parade goers. XD

  3. My plan today was ver simple. Stay out of the way of all the celebrating Irish, update the blog and catch up on some sleep. It snowed all day here so it was perfect for curling up by the fire and work on the blog.

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