We often create TO DO lists and try our BEST to follow through on them.

This WEEKEND, I’ve made my lists of what NOT TO Do’s.

These words from Albert Einstein always inspire me. To quote him loosely, “You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.” This means that some habits/patterns need to go in order for us to see real CHANGE. By the way, this phrase is also the definition of INSANITY!

So here is my NOT to DO List:

Evelina Galli

1.Do NOT stay up past 12!

M.N. (mental note) …Sleep is important for so many functions. It is essential to restore critical brain connections (my friend’s reminder!), it heals our physical body, helps us recover from daily stress, and improves our mental clarity. All of these things collide to give us great benefits, like more energy, strong bodies and better skin!

Sweet dreams 🙂

2. Do NOT have too much caffeine (actually, this should be rule #1)

M.N. I always try to follow 80/20 Pareto principal. But right now, I feel the caffeine percentage in my blood is definitely above 20%!!!...(which shortened my sleep to 3 hours a day)… Time to take action!

3.Do NOT eat white, bleached processed foods: Bread, Pastas, Sugar, and Salt…

M.N. Well for the longest time I have not been eating  starches and obvious sugars…but the occasional “hidden” sugars are what I have to watch out for. They are disguised in many forms and are even in my Lentfriendly cookies that I eat for breakfast. And salt can be confusing. Our bodies need salt to function, but too much is bad for you, even if you are like me and love it! So keep an eye on the salt intake!

4. Do NOT always listen to my INNER critic !

Evelina Galli

M.N …balancing high demands for myself while being forgiving, gentle  and loving at the same time is definitely a challenge. I have found that if I’m not too harsh when something does not work out exactly as I planned, it’s easier for me to learn from the setback, move on, and implement what I have learned so that I can improve next time.

I heard somewhere that every good relationship starts with a good relationship with yourself …GOLDEN words!

5. STOP pushing for plan A…there are 25 more letters!

Actually, I got this one from the Facebook page, someone posted it…don’t you love Facebook? Sometimes true gems get discovered there! ..lol

Evelina Galli

What would YOU put on your NOT to DO list?

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15 thoughts on “What NOT to do !

  1. It sounds like you are making New Year’s Resolutions, a few months late. 😉 But some of those things in your list can easily apply to me as well!

  2. Funny enough your list is pretty similar to my own, which I’ve already started working on. Um, maybe spend less time on the Internet. I’ll add that to mine.

  3. You are always so gorgeous. 1. Not to do, drink coffee in the afternoons
    2. Eat so much paint. 😀 sometimes ya just need to wet the brush a little.
    3. Wear gloves when playing with turpentine.
    4. Not push my body so hard and learn when to say enough is enough.

    Ps. I might be going to ArtHamptons

  4. A few things.
    (1) Not to listen to those who say my life should be lived in a certain way. (Not you. Just a general thing. 🙂
    (2) Not to worry about work on the weekends. It’s my time.
    (3) I can sleep or I can stay up worrying about things I cannot fix. So, I’ll sleep. This morning was a first. Slept until 9. It was wonderful.

  5. Fascinating. I must say “no” once in awhile. Then, I’ll have more time to take photos. Thanks for visiting and the like of my post “It’s Lonely Out Here”.

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