Intimate Encounters

Hi !

Here is the BIG REVEAL!Evelina Galli…. Actually, first a question:

Have you ever seen yourself portrayed in a Fashion Illustration?


Well, I have a very Unique Opportunity for YOU!

…I want to offer you the chance to play a little game, which I know will be a lot of fun!

Tag your MOST STYLISH and INDIVIDUALISTIC looking pictures on my Facebook  page  and I will pick 3 of my absolute favorite looks and illustrate them for you! And I promise to take more then 5 minutes to make sure they are Extra Fabulous!

All 3 of you will get the ORIGINAL PRINTS Signed and Framed!

Then I will post all three on my BLOG. And with all the followers I have so far, you will ALMOST be famous!

So here are the rules:

Evelina Galli

1.    No restrictions by age, race, and gender: Just make sure you look like YOUR original SELF!

2.    You can accessorize your look: hats, scarves, glasses, etc. always more fun!

3.    Post clear pictures: blurry is hard to see.

4.    Can be color or black and white, full length or close up and cropped.

5.    No nudity 🙂 pls

Evelina Galli

…Drawing people is a magical experience! Everyone has an outer persona that they show to the world and an Intimate Side that only a few people ever get the opportunity to see. When you pick up a pen and paper and start looking at a person, really studying them,all of a sudden the door opens up for a brief moment and you are allowed a single glimpse into “discovering” that person’s Intimate Self. It is an absolutely Unique and humbling experience to learn about someone by drawing the curve of their lips,  the cut of their eyes, the shape of their eyebrows…that is a truly “Intimate Encounter” 🙂

Evelina Galli

I am really looking forward to that “Intimate Encounter” with YOU! 🙂

We ONLY have 10 days! …The clock is ticking now!

So let’s get started!




14 thoughts on “Intimate Encounters

  1. i’m tempted! i hope i get a chance to play dress up and tag a pic.
    i really enjoyed looking at your fashion prints (: i’m new to wordpress, so excuse me for my enthusiasm.

  2. Ohh thats a nice thing to do – I’ll go do post a picture, right now 🙂 It would be fun to have a drawing of myself 😉

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