Okay, so it sounds like most of you are just itching for the chance to have your favorite, most fabulous looks captured in time forever in a framed fashion illustration drawing! But first, I want to get your creative juices revved up!

In order to give you some ideas about how to style your photos to submit to my Facebook page to have your Fashion Illustration drawn,  I found these past Model Drawings that I have Instagrammed to share with you.

As you can see, there are a great variety of ways to compose and accessorize this type of medium: full length, cropped, portrait …using accessories: hats, kimono, scarves,  gloves..

Evelina Galli sketch

Evelina Galli sketch

Evelina Galli sketch

Unfortunately I don’t have many of my Male drawings. The only one I found was of this model in his swim trunks. But since I did ask for no nudity, I guess this shows you what I can do with male drawings. But still, NO Nudity please!

Evelina Galli sketch

Ok! Hope that was helpful! Please submit your photos on my Facebook page with the hash tag# EGstyle

Can’t wait to see you all! (But not ALL of you, remember, no nudity! :))

The CLOCK is ticking!

Evelina Galli




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