Chemical Romance

After having a  cup of coffee with my girlfriend, I started thinking …EVelina Galli

Why do we choose to use the word “chemistry” in our conversations so often, especially when we refer to “falling in love?”

And when did the term “Falling in Love” fall out of Fashion?

I understand that the food we eat that comes from animals and plants is preserved with chemicals, the fabric used to make our clothing is often treated with chemicals, medicine, vitamins, and just about everything that can be found in a grocery store or pharmacy contains chemicals of some form or another…but our emotions?

Of course there is scientific evidence that a chemical reaction occurs in our brains when we experience that moment of attraction. But when we refer to these amazing, wondrous physiological simulating responses as some version of “laboratory results” in our everyday conversations, we desensitize the incredible emotions they truly are.

I don’t know about you, but I much more enjoy hearing someone say “I love  YOU” than… “I am having a chemical reaction for you!”

In fact, if someone said that to me I might have to strongly consider ending the relationship! 🙂

I am joking of course!

Evelina Galli


But what is your take?


11 thoughts on “Chemical Romance

  1. You are the woman of Spring print dresses these days. I presume you call them print dresses? I know nothing of fashion. I also presume they are your creations? And why do you have so many guys liking your posts? Oh, never mind. That’s obvious. I’m jealous of your balmy L.A. weather in which you’ve been modeling. This is what I woke up to this morning: (It’s SNOW, if the link doesn’t work.)

  2. I think your right, the romance of falling in love seems to have taken a back seat. I think that being “PC” and in general how removed we are as a society has changed the way we date,meet,interact and communicate. So the face to face
    I love you.. Has lost it’s touch 😦
    Sad if you ask me.
    Just the opinion of a poetish painter.

  3. I see “Chemistry” between people as a less emotional way to describe the physical attraction and sexual affinity people may have toward each other. Love and falling in love involves emotions and commitment beyond the physical attraction and sex — even Platonic love assumes some level of commitment; whereas chemistry, like the science, is unemotional and neutral. I believe this is true especially for a lot of men who don’t much like the emotional aspects of “love,” and even less the idea of commitment — “chemistry” is probably a more honest word to describe people’s purely sexual attraction toward one another.

  4. I’d like to put a positive spin to this if I may–for those serious to believe the falling in love factor. I believe “chemistry” comes before any other emotional thought or action. For me, there HAD to be that instant attraction/chemistry before “falling in love” can even think to take hold. Commitment becomes your choice when confronted with said attraction. If you don’t make that conscience decision asap, you most likely will waste your time and theirs–something I don’t prescribe to. (I’m not talking Las Vegas either, we shall leave that there for sure.) Honesty with yourself, courage, and then trust happens very quickly in the beginning. Sure, sometimes you have to let some situations blossom longer, but there still has to be chemistry. For the skeptics, I made the decision almost instantly, and 29 years later, we’re still basically inseparable. I met and married all within 6 weeks–so yes, it can happen. With Spring around the corner, good luck to all those looking to fall in love–which will never go out of style. BTW, the other myth: Love at First Sight, can also happen. Thanks for this post Evelina–it makes you think.

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