Beautiful Things

Do you ever feel that by surrounding yourself with beautiful things you feel better and think clearer?

EVelina Galli

I feel that for that nano-second that my eyes stop to rest on a pretty glass ornament, unique color or artistic shape, I get an inner mini-smile. It’s as if my spirit is recognizing that life is beautiful in so many intimate and intricate ways. And as a result I feel lifted, elevated to a more positive level. My body and mind align in gratitude and peace and I think and work better …

Is that strange? 

Evelina Galli office staples

So I choose to surround myself with things that are beautiful to me and awaken my inner smile.

My office “Staples…”

Never a day without them!


My chocolate “Alexander McQueen ” shoesI’m sure one day I’m going to have a party with girlfriends and eat it!

Evelina Galli  Franz porcelain

Franz coffee cup (I absolutely adore porcelain!..almost a lost art!)


My dream Porcelain Service from the Nymphenburg collection, designed in 1812 and still in production!

Do you have any “Object Fetishes” that arouse your inner appreciation?


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Things

  1. I like hanging around mud, personally, as it makes me feel more attractive. This is what happens when you’re not lucky enough to be good looking. I often smear mud all over my face to scare passersbys. HAHAHAHAHAAaaa!

  2. Actually, when I’m surrounded by beautiful things I find it harder to think clearer… because I’m so distracted by the beautiful things around me! 😉

    1. Lol…I keep things to bare minimum on my working table or even in my interior decor…Just have few pieces that I love on display…otherwise I completely agree with you …Can start to look like you’re a hoarder rather then someone who appreciates the beauty

  3. I either surround myself with animals-my dogs and horses- or I go into my studio and surround myself with various projects and possible projects…digital or painting ideas, knitting, collage..just being around the stuff there is happiness. Or it could be the endless books I have in case I ever run out…:) Gardening works, too. Not only am I more focused, but I am more energized and upbeat

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