The Journey is more Important than the Destination

…And choosing the correct FUEL is crucial for a smooth ride

Fuel is more than just what we put into our bodies to keep them running, it is more than just food. Fuel is mental, emotional and spiritual. In order to enjoy every moment of our Journey, we need to be sure that we are constantly recharging ourselves with the right fuels so that we can travel this road of life at our maximum performance level!

Evelina Galli 1

So what is YOUR destination? Is it the final end point on the road to _____? Or is it the journey along the way?

I vote for the journey and my choice of high-quality FUEL: Great  Inspirations picked up at every rest area on the voyage that is uniquely mine.

Evelina Galli

What are you voting for: the Journey or the Destination?

And what is your favorite Power Fuel to guarantee Smooth Traveling?

26 thoughts on “The Journey is more Important than the Destination

  1. Sometime in High School I learned from the poem Ithaca, by Constantine Cavafy, that the journey was the important part. I still believe in journeys.

  2. The journey all the time is more important. There is a joke about that. One jewish person decided to immigrate from Russia to Israel. In half a year he came back. Then again asked for immigration to Israel, and again came back to Russia. After five such a procedures immigration officer ask him: “Where to suppose you are going to stay? Would you please choose the better country and stay there.” The answer was: “There and here is the same sh…, the only journey is excellent.”

  3. Eudora Welty (a Mississippi writer) wrote, “It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time getting there; the point is to have a destination.” Power fuel depends on season & time of day but good road music a must.

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