Fearless in 3 STEPS!

This is the last week of my Lenten Journey, since Easter is this weekend!

Evelina Galli

Along with eliminating animal based food from the daily diet, eliminating bad habits and excess, the other most important aspect of the Lenten Journey is to eliminate our fears!

All people have fears: Fear of not being good enough, being good enough, being too thin, too fat, too young, too old…fear of public speaking, fear of losing your phone 🙂…etc.

By using the metaphor of Jesus Christ in the desert, we can learn how to resist temptation. Jesus fasted and was tempted by Satan (the devil is behind all of our fears, big and small!!). But Jesus resisted temptation. The Church tells us that we need to follow the example of Jesus Christ to conquer our FEARS during our Lenten Journey and throughout our lives.

There is a common strategy used to eliminate and fight fear. It is the foundation for most programs that address fear and dates back to Old Greece (Seneca) and is still used today by many motivational Gurus :)…

Step 1:

Reveal your FEARS! It is very challenging to fight an unknown enemy. When we take an honest look at what we are truly afraid of, we can arm ourselves with the ammunition necessary to fight those fears. All negative emotions, jealousy, shame, guilt, anger and intolerance are all rooted in fear. Look under those hostile feelings to see what fear lies beneath them.

Step 2:

Imagine the worst thing you are afraid of becoming a reality. Instead of panicking about it, develop an action plan of what to do if it ever came true. This helps prepare you and teaches you how to cope with fears in a constructive and non-reactive way. It empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to address your fears if they do come true.

Step 3:

Acknowledge that there is a very slim chance of your fears actually becoming reality. This is critical in overcoming fear. If we focus on positive things, we get positive results. If we focus on fear, we become fearful. By having this knowledge that fears rarely come true, and by having a plan to deal with them if they do, we can overcome our fears. This does not mean we will be without fear. But we will, in essence, have less fear!

So relax… You are now FEARLESS!


What do you think about these 3 easy steps for becoming fearless?

I am working on mine. I have a week left until Easter, so luckily, I still have some time!





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      1. No. Minor editing suggestion. “…so luckily, I’ve I still got some time!” might read better as “…so luckily, I still have some time!”. No big deal.

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