When I started this blog almost 2 months ago, I had no idea that I would be writing about the 100th post in April. It has been a really cool experience, since along the way I have discovered amazing blogs, amazing people, which led me to interesting self-discoveries and as a result to some of my posts .

Here are some of my personal favorites:

When to Wait and When to Run?Evelina Galli

Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia or… Nomophobia

Evelina Galli

Clean Energy.

Evelina Galli

Simple pleasures…

Evelina Galli

Getting ready for the Oscar Party

Evelina Galli

Which one is Your Favorite?


25 thoughts on “Celebrating the 100th POST!

  1. Such a hard choice all are beautiful shots,
    Your truly a stunning woman but I guess if I had to choose a “favorite” simple pleasures.
    Although I really really like the first one between the glasses,hair and dress it’s highly captivating.

  2. As a tech person I like the story in Nomophobia. Having just browsed all your posts, many of which I had not viewed before, I say kudos to you and your photographer for your evolution in photography. Always well posed and structured, and the photo quality just keeps getting better. The color in After The Party jumped out at me memorably. Your clothing collection from the Russian scarves inspiration was spectacular also. I can see from that you are an accomplished designer. Since I can’t even draw stick figures and admire your fine fashion drawings also. Keep up the good work!

  3. Just dropping by to say hello! I love your blog! You always have such great photos. Are they all shot by the same person or different people? Who is the photographer? xoxo

    1. Hi Ashley,
      Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy it here 🙂
      Pictures are taken by fabulous Alice POGHOSYAN and the subject is mainly me , unless otherwise noted.

  4. Creative post classy pictures.Congratulation on your 100th.Post Many Many more.jalal

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