Keep on trying …

My new obsession is trying to learn how to ride a scooter. Contrary to my expectations it’s not as simple as it looks.

Evelina Galli

After several “not so successful attempts” to ride a scooter, I had a  long list of complaints in my mind for the people who invented scooters…Luckily the  instructor was very patient and encouraging with me, which reminded me of my older brother…

In my  high school years, my brother was appointed by my parents as my math tutor: ( ” my favorite subject ” !) …and I always had a big list of complaints on how difficult the math was. My brother’s only comment was:  “Don’t wish for math to become easier, (not gonna happen, sister 🙂 …but wish to become better at understanding math.”

It was a really nice advice, and very applicable to the “scooter situation” today, just   with one downside… It put the responsibility back on me and cut 80% from the “joy of complaining.”

“Don’t  complain,  just work on yourself!” … a  tough one, but very useful indeed!

Always yours,



15 thoughts on “Keep on trying …

    1. I do love my car!..I can adjust the temperature, feel safe, listen to music, apply on lipstick, watch Netflix , talk on the phone, check GPS …get a ticket for all of the above!…lol…but seriously I love high speed wish we had Auto bans like in Germany so would drive with limitless speed.

  1. I love this! I found that riding a Vespa was very different from other scooters because of the design. It’s more unwieldy, even if it perhaps looks more fashionable. It’s the Armadillo shoe of scooters. Fun experience though!

      1. I’m kind of a clothes (whore) pardon my French so I tend to notice way more than I even begin to comment on.
        Have a lovely Day!!!!

  2. Oh you’ll get the hang of it and think how cute you’ll look! I’ve always wanted one and then I’d totally get a basket with a baguette sticking out of it!

  3. Awesome I’m personally looking to obtain my own scooter. This is encouraging. I thought it’d take like 2 weeks to learn.

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