Double Bagging

My day starts with grabbing my Carryall bag where I keep all my “daily essentials.” After some contemplating and remembering about more “daily essentials“ I am getting my Purse, then the clutch …

Evelina Galli

And this is how on any given day I end up sporting 2 bags …if not 3!…

I did realize that it was a bit of a strange habit, but apparently now it has become a hit trend!

Trendsetters are spotted in every corner the world carrying 2 bags. Of course all of them are female!

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…and me again with my 3 bags 🙂602908_4949084177426_670415731_n

Which brings me to my actual question: Why do women need so much stuff?…while men can happily go about their day just having a money clip in their back pocket with the credit cards and some cash?

Evelina Galli


17 thoughts on “Double Bagging

  1. Good question !

    I am sure 80% of what the woman carries around is not needed, although ?
    Let me see what’s in my wife’s bag………………… Tissues……….Sunglasses…………Camera………..Candy’s………….Key’s……………Bingo stuff……………Money purse………………hmmmmmm not that bad, She only uses one bag by the way.

    I am sure if men could carry a bag we should take much more as well.


  2. “…need so much stuff” not “need so much staff”. As if 2 bags aren’t enough I like the one with the dachshund and the venti Starbucks.

  3. i dare not venture as to why or what a woman carries in her bag. But as a man i do fall into that money clip back pocket ready to go scenerio, now I just need a completely keyless car because I hate dragging my keys around as well 🙂
    Nice tights/Shoes.

  4. My ex would carry things in her bag like, “emergency flip-flops” (in case the ones she wore broke), multiple lotions (because she might “secretly still like” old ones she no longer used) and her makeup, etc. My theory it was that she secretly planned to run away to the circus, and didn’t want to return home to pack.

  5. I’m not sure what I like more about this post, the post or the other comments!

    I agree the Venti and dachsund are tops.

    I keep it to one purse, one brand, 2 colors that I alternate. I also think guys wardrobes make more sense and I try to dress like them, keeping things simple. But inside, a repressed fashionista struggles to escape, so thanks for your blog, where I live vicariously!

  6. You are so entertaining and even informative, keeping me on trend 🙂 Great writing & pics. They do have bags for dogs so I think that one fashionista should look into it. I travel light-bare essentials. Differs if walking or driving.

  7. Wow, I’ve been trendy for a while and didn’t know it. I carry a small back pack to work and everyday. I call it my purse pack or pack purse. Then I have a smaller lighter empty purse I keep in my car for shopping or any activity where I don’t want a lot of weight to carry around. In that one I can just stick my billfold, lipstick, sunglasses and phone.

    So, this makes perfect sense to me…(-:

  8. I couldn’t imagine carrying multiple bags all day, every day. I keep a clutch in my glove compartment as an emergency cute piece, but a big purse that doubles as a book bag and a cute “lunch box” are all I need for regular, work day use. And of course I have a million other purses I use otherwise.

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