Mademoiselle Chanel and The Secret behind “The Secret”

Mademoiselle Chanel introduced the Chanel Jacket in the1920es as an alternative to corseted look popular at that time. It symbolized women’s liberation, youthfulness and sportiness…but for me today it symbolizes the “magic power” of thought.

The “magic power” to think of an idea, then make it and then see hundreds of people wearing it! Wearing someone’s thoughts! Isn’t that magical?

Evelina Galli

This brings me to the missing element in the movie “The Secret”( I am sure everyone has seen it or heard of it by now). The concept there is “think of something and it will happen”…maybe they are being much more esoteric then I can comprehend…but it would mean sitting in your room, meditating all day “I want gold,”  and seeing gold coins magically appear on the floor…how many people have experienced that?

Evelina Galli …But I am sure many people have had ideas/visions in their minds which became part of their reality when an action was applied….

I don’t want to undermine “The Secret,” I absolutely agree with the idea…I just think it is missing the element of “ACTION.”

Evelina Galli

I have thought of hundreds of dresses in my mind…but the ones that actually exist and people wear are the ones that I’ve applied some “Action.” I’ve sketched them, chosen fabrics for them, made samples of them…

That’s my Secret to “The Secret,” which is  inspired by Coco Chanel. Her thoughts and vision in the form of this Jacket live on for almost 100 years!

 Viva Chanel! An endless inspiration! 



10 thoughts on “Mademoiselle Chanel and The Secret behind “The Secret”

  1. You are so very correct, it is the action step that often gets missed in the “dream” or “vision” yes things can be manifested into ones life even by taking the tiniest of steps.
    A small step in the desired direction daily is better than no steps at all.
    PS. Stunning photos a usual, live the hat and is it shorts and a corset w/tights. Love the shoes btw

  2. Wow, you do look amazing. Sounds like you’re aiming for some form of Zen Buddhist experience here. Jack Kerouac’s books are a good source of fun there – The Dharma Bums. I haven’t seen the film, though. I’m an atheist so I’m grounded in science. And cake.

      1. Oops, sorry, I thought this was the pet bit. I’ve been drinking so I’m a bit… er… well, not exactly mentally sharp. Jack Kerouac’s great, though. “More beautiful than Marlon Brando” went the quip, and I do agree.

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