Desert Chic

Coachella is not only a music festival, but one of the biggest “Fashion Shows” in the world.

Evelina Galli

Trend setting event for Junior Fashion and endless source of inspiration πŸ™‚

Coachella Fashion

Flower Tiaras are the leading trend! Flower Power!

Coachella Fashion

Nano Shorts and Boots!

Coachella FashionTOMS, Trucker Hats and Bare Skin…

Coachella Fashion


9 thoughts on “Desert Chic

  1. Coachella is so unique in the way that its a music festival reputable for its fashion sense as well. It’s a great time to dress up and show off your cutest boots, fringe, or flowers! That couple pic is definitely setting the stage for a true “Coachella Couple” — he’s even wearing Toms!

  2. I remember the year I went to Coachella and the only Ferris Wheel they had was one that had to be pedaled by bicycles with “Heavy Metal Cyclecide”…now they have a real Ferris Wheel…my my how times have changed.

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