Prayers for Boston

Sometimes things happen without reason…

Candles church


14 thoughts on “Prayers for Boston

  1. Loving all the support and love going out to Boston today. Spent 4 of the best years of my life there, and never would have imagined something like this happening, especially on Marathon Monday. I love this city more than my own hometown and know that they will be strong through this.

  2. My ex girlfriend ran in this marathon and lives in Boston. I talked to her a little after hearing about the tragic events.. The background noise was horrifying. She was okay and I was thankful for that.

  3. It is amazing, if you have visited a city where tragedy just happens, it seems to hit you even harder. We spent a glorious 10 days there last year and I can just feel so for all of them. What a shame and so much evilness in the world…all we can do is pray for the families.

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