How well do you know your friends?

Recently I was having a breakfast with my friend/mentor/family member Fabulous Alakazia.Evelina and Alakazia At my 80es style birthday celebration with Monsieur Alakazia 

I thought I knew everything about him: his brilliant career at most prominent design houses (Versace, Lanvin, Ungaro, Yves Saint Laurent, name a few)

After our breakfast at “Alcove” he invited me to visit his studio in one of the high rises in Downtown LA, and what a discovery it was!...


I felt like “Alice in the Wonderland!” In a Beautifully arranged room there were …amazing clothes from fantastic Italian fabrics, jewelry, handbags, and  magical Kate Middleton worthy hats placed on the center table!…

Ungaro one of his pieces from Ungaro collection

True Treasure Palace!...I started trying on all his fantastic hats, and he was just laughing in amusement at my childlike enthusiasm! I was having too much fun!…At the end he let me borrow a few of his pieces to feature them in my blog and to carry them in my online store.

I am so excited to share with my discovery with you!…Check in all this week to read an interview with Fabulous Alakazia and see those Princess Worthy Hats!

See you soon!




5 thoughts on “How well do you know your friends?

  1. Monsieur Alakazia looks awesome! Amazing dress sense and very striking looking. I don’t like the sofa lurking behind him, though. Don’t tell him this… must not offend him!

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