Fabulous Hats by Mr.Alakazia!

Few questions for Monsieur Alakazia….

Evelina Galli

1.What inspires you in life?
      The elements in life that inspire me the most are the possibilities that passion can thrive on our plane and that hope still springs eternal and forever. Of course, good food! Good wine! Good conversation! And GREAT PASSION!
 Evelina Galli
2.Favorite book?
       “The Power of KARMA” by Mary T. Brown
3.Favorite place to be?
       My favorite place to be is not a physical place. It is a place of the mind, body and soul, where peace, harmony, honesty and true love reside. A physical place would be Como, Italy.
Evelina Galli
4.Favorite music?
      Music that speaks to my heart! The artists are too varied to mention but in the top five, Andrea Bocelli.
Evelina Galli
5.How to choose the right hat?
Evelina Galli
       One chooses the right hat according to:
        A. The personality and lifestyle.
        B. The shape of one’s face.
        C. The legenth of one’s hair.
        D. The shape of the hat, to the shape of one’s head..
        E. The occasion, purpose and need.
        F. The style and fabrication.
        F. The price.
Evelina Galli

11 thoughts on “Fabulous Hats by Mr.Alakazia!

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if wearing hats and even gloves in public became the norm again? Wouldn’t it be nice for people to just take a little pride in their appearances when in public became the norm again….

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