Lucky number 13?

Random discovery at a random time…
Evelina Galli
I was on the phone with my friend Jane, having a heated discussion about the phobia trends.

My argument was that phobias follow fashion as well: in the old days probably the most common phobias were of wolves, tigers, lions, when people would hide in caves and seek shelter from those “beasts”…

At some point people were afraid of witches. They would hunt and set them on fire whenever they could…then of course the famous: “fear of public speakingespecially naked (as it was shown in SHREK ☺).

Evelina Galli
…that one I still can’t understand, why it is the most popular one?…Does everybody have to give a naked speech at some point of their life?

…anyways…we came to the point where I was arguing that the most outdated one is the Triskaidekaphobia: fear of number 13!
Evelina Galli
I said that there is no one left on this planet to have such a fear, so unfashionable, outdated and totally useless…

I had to stop my talk half-way… and look at my elevator’s floor numbers…there was NO number 13!!!!….

I’ve never noticed it before!…apparently I don’t live on the 13th floor and never had to use it!...In this day and age!…
I was shocked and had to look it up. OTIS Elevator Company states that 85% of the high-rise buildings omit number 13!

…In a way it was cute and sentimental…but I wonder if there are numbers you omit in your daily life ,just based on superstitions and has it ever proven to have some value?

14 thoughts on “Lucky number 13?

  1. Really you never noticed that before, kind of strange right. So, cute outfit I must add 😉
    Have a lovely day.
    Ps. No I don’t omit any numbers from my day.

  2. Funny, right? In Europe I’ve noticed we sometimes omit 13, too, although it’s not the standard. I took an intercultural class last year, and it turns out that every culture has it’s own ‘creepy’ numbers. In China, for example, the number four means bad luck, and they take it very seriously! I don’t think I omit anything, my boyfriend was even born on Friday the 13th! 🙂

  3. superstitions & irrational fears are what happen in the dark, especially outside where potential danger lurks. i think it’s an evolutionary survival thing. we’re not that far removed from it, despite our increasingly bright & crowded current civilization.
    i like the first image – great reflections.

    1. Thank you Paul , yes you are right , it is an evolutionary survival thing…so as a civilization we need to make a decision and maybe delete the outdated ones …like the “witch phobia”…we don’t burn them anymore …a very positive step 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura. I’m a fashion designer, but like to have fun with different aspects of fashion and life.
      My mom makes ceramic pieces and paints them with maiolica technic (I hope that’s the right name!) so I have a deep appreciation for the amount of work that goes into creating clay art,..I showed her your blog , she is addicted now 🙂

      1. Wow, thanks Evelina! Yes, I’m familiar with Majolica… the technique of my Italian ancestors 🙂 . I love working with clay and am happy to share info & experience. Have a great day!

  4. Now that the number 13 is more of a *lucky* number, thanks to Taylor Swift, it all seems even more ridiculous! – the world and its superstitions.

    Nice post and fab photos, as usual! And I like your boots!;)

  5. An interesting post about trends in superstitions. I agree, they do change with popular views, as you describe. For several years, a while ago, I worked as a taxi driver in various parts of the UK and it is very common for streets here to have no houses numbered 13! They either just skip it out or they use 12a or a similar workaround. Blocks of flats and even commercial premises are the same too. Personally I think superstitions are silly and outdated beliefs, but many people are superstitious about something.

    Nice photos, that apart from the lift button numbers appear to have little to do with the subject matter! 🙂 They are very fashion conscious and appear to be taken by an experienced photographer, who is either around 2 feet tall or spent a while lying on the floor of the lift! 😀

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