Your inner SuperHERO!

Recently, I was at an event where to” break the ice” and introduce yourself you needed to name your Fantasy Inner Superhero and explain why you chose that person…

My first impulse was to choose Trinity from Matrix, Catwoman or Lara Croft…and the reason?..Their costumes of course!

…but on second thought: I have realized that Matrix is so 1999 with very minimalist fashion!…actually all 3 of them are!..It is 2013. We NEED more color! 

So I had to draw a new 2013 Inner Superhero! (Added bonus:have full creative control and can change it  at any time 🙂

Evelina Galli Illustration

Do you have an Inner Superhero?

18 thoughts on “Your inner SuperHERO!

  1. You are talented. And I’m very sorry that you got that “hate-mail” about Lente… Armenian Orthodox Church has suffered so much and it is beautiful to see some one trying to keep the tradition… Maybe he/she was on his own “Lente” and had an bad moment. I hope you didn’t take that too personaly. Internet is a weird place, a blog is just a blog… Keep it up.

    Թող Աստված ձեզ սերն ու օրհնությունը.

  2. I don’t think it’s much of a secret around WP but my super hero is the White Knight, kneeling and ever vigilant, honorable and brave. Dedicating his heart and soul to the protection and healing of those who need it most, but as a small boy when the others chose batman,spiderman etc I chose Rudolph Valentino lol, I guess I’ve always been an odd duck.

    1. Rudolph Valentino?!…Seriously?…I am pretty sure 99.9% of kids don’t even know who it is!…that’s so cool…you’re my hero now!…lol
      I love Rudolph Valentino!

  3. I was really pondering your question, because it was an interesting one: it is one about definition, really. And, since I am not very into superheroes, none came to mind. But, if I should name one, and she is hardly a superhero if you count superman qualitites, in my upbringing she was, after all: Pippi Longstocking. And for those of you who do not know whom she is, she is a girl who lives alone with her monkey and a horse, and all her stories about how her father is a pirate or chief far, far away. She is super-strong and has an answer to everything, and theaches willing,y to her two friends. It can seem like a lonely life, but for her, it is not. Her motto is: “I have not tried that before, so I should be able to handle that”. I would like that to be my motto, and like her, I would like to go with the flow of life, without any worries. That is what I practice every day:-)

    1. Of course ! Pippi Longstocking!…my absolute favorite!…She was awesome, an original badass girl !…I’m gone try to make a post about her.Thank you for reminding me about her!

  4. Wow we love this! You are awesome. Thirteenth and Hudson’s superhero would probably have some beauty related super power, control the weather like Storm from Xmen. Only that we’d use it to make sure the weather was always hair and makeup friendly (no melting makeup or frizzies!) Corny but, considering this lackluster spring weather we are getting in New York City, Storm is it!

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