R rated – Content only for over 21!

…We are not going to talk about porn today …just alcohol :)…and to be more precise:  WHISK(E)Y !

The show Mad Men revived the interest for the mid-century lifestyle. Among other trends, the famous TV show inspired a renewed interest for whiskey.

I was always fascinated with whiskey, along with wine and brandy, some types of uisge beatha (water of life) are very aromatic and complex.

In the 90’s Dot.com era, the coolest place to work was considered the one that had a Ping-Pong table and a skateboard cave. Now for young professionals, a  “dream place to work” is considered an office with a wet bar, a silver tray and crystal glasses. (Google and Facebook Headquarters should take a note.)

The reason it is better to drink while at work is that whiskey does not severely impact cognitive abilities; versus lets say Tequila or vodka! …For that reason, it is Vladimir Putin’s favorite drink and has become uber-popular in Russia.

There are some misconceptions though about whiskey.

#1 It is a man’s drink…

Being a firefighter might only be for men, but whiskey…no…women can handle it perfectly 🙂

#2  It is good on the rocks…

It looks good on the rocks!.. but a good complex whiskey would lose its aroma with the ice. The only additive should be a few drops of water; preferably bottled spring water from Scotland.

I am curious, would you vote for being able to have a glass of scotch at work?

Evelina Galli

30 thoughts on “R rated – Content only for over 21!

  1. votre tenue est magnifique comme toujours. Oui courtes journées de travail et une belle ans 25 du whisky.
    Vous avez besoin d’un collier pour compléter votre tenue.

  2. I drink whiskey – best choice for alcohol in my opinion – I love it with just water and a slice of lemon.

  3. I’m curious where you’ve heard/read that whisk(e)y does not impair ones cognitive abilities as much as vodka or tequila. While I enjoy a good Scotch now and then, I also frequent the bottle of vodka. I would be interested to read about the “cognitive” topic if you can remember your source. Skål!

    1. Ha! I ‘ve read it in the interview conducted with V.Putin….should do some research to find it…that single quote was responsible for popularizing that drink in Russia….Do you feel the difference?…I never drink vodka, so have no clue

      1. What exactly interview with V.Putin do you mean, Evelina? In his recent interview Putin said (literal quote): “As the saying is, it is impossible to drink all the vodka but we should strive to do so.” Obviously he was joking and probably the joke is something like a saying of alcoholics since I have never heard such saying from any normal people (not alcoholics I mean).

  4. single malt Scotch……. preferable fro Islay…….. no ice just a splash of water.
    Whisky without the ‘e’………… every time.

  5. I am bourbon (sometimes unfortunately). I’ve had the opportunity to sample many forms of spirits from many places in the world: wine(s) in the finer …places, vodka, gin, beer and tequila, in honkytonks and bars, ouzo on the back steps of the Acropolis. Something sipped, while moon watching on a beach, from a clear jar in Trinidad (don’t ever do that). So even with that experience I always come back to good ol’ Jack Daniels black label. Oh and to me bourbon must always be taken in a shot glass, neat.
    Bob Cloud

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