Future of the Fashion Shows

After watching a sneak peek to the new documentary by James Franco about  the Gucci Company, I have realized that fashion shows as we know them would die out pretty soon…

Companies spend so much money producing these crazy fashion shows, putting up the best lighting, securing the best venues, best models, best PR firms and hoping that photographers/videographers will catch the best shots of their clothes at the best angles, and publish fabulous pictures.


Well it is not often the case …photographers might not catch the best shots, models might fall, videographer might have a terrible angle, show might get overcrowded and the fire marshal might stop the show, rain might fall and people won’t show up, so on and so forth …and all that effort might go unnoticed!


I think what fashion houses should do is have great videos and photo shoots with their own photographer and videographer and then present to the world just pictures and videos shot perfectly well.

It might generate much more interest because of the air of exclusivity that surrounds it…


I actually do like Fashion Shows…they are great!  They have beautiful models, stylish attendees, great buzz, amazing networking place, and fun, fun, fun…

But lately, the more and more I see a regular catwalk, I can’t help but wonder …for how long?

Evelina Galli

My CRUSH: Peggy Moffitt!

Universe definitely has a sense of humor!…

In my last 2 posts I was writing about Rudi Gernreick’s designs and his Muse and collaborator Peggy Moffitt, and how relevant those designs look for today’s fashion scene…

Over the week-end I got invited to the CRUSH magazine party at The Standard Hotel.

Evelina Galli
Driving to The Standard hotel..

and who do you think I met there?….You’re right, Ms. Peggy Moffitt!

She looks as fabulous and hip today as she looked 50 years ago…amazingly graceful and  with an incredible fashion sense.

Evelina Galli
Peggy Moffit wearing Rudi Gernreichs’ design
Evelina Galli
Doesn’t she look amazing?…All those young guys worshipped her 🙂
Evelina Galli
Peggy Moffitt with a friend

She is living proof that Style is timeless!

We love you Peggy!

Even Me…

After I wrote the last post about Fashion Recycling and Rudi Gernreich I came across one of my photos from the older posts…And what do you think?

The swimsuit that I am wearing in this picture is also inspired by Rudi’s swimsuit design!


The OG worn by Peggy Moffitt

Evelina Galli

..and yours truly  …

Isn’t it interesting how fashion periodically comes back?

Why do you think that is?



Fashion Recycling!

It’s always interesting to watch how fashion recycles itself. This year can be heralded as the Rudi Generic’s year. His design interpretations appear in companies from Louis Vuitton, Agent Provocateur to Nasty Gal…high and low everyone wants Rudi Generic’s masterpiece!



Rudi was a creator extraordinaire having pioneered such pieces as monkini…topless swimsuit, no bra bra…color blocking ..chain dresses…sailor dresses…he was “the most way-out far ahead of his time designer in the US” as Time magazine described  him in their 1967 issue.


I feel so proud ..I won the Rudi Generic award for one of my swimsuit designs back in college 🙂

He is a genius. He was actually one of the first ones to shoot a fashion video and to collaborate!…Majority of his work is done with Peggy Moffitt  (his muse model and collaborator) and William Claxton as the Photographer  …


Let’s Plan a Vacation!

Have you ever had the experience of flying across the globe to some beautiful resort at the ocean, then spending 2 days trying to get used to the time difference?

… Next 3 days trying to plan when to go to the beach and visit the city ?… Then ending up  lounging at the pool all day and coming back without ever making it to the beach or to the city…

Have you ever had that experience?Evelina Galli

Happened to me and was very frustrating, considering all the packing frenzy and airport security…especially the part when they ask you to take off the shoes?!…extreme germophobes would understand me !

If it is a familiar scenario, but I figured out a perfect solution!…Find some amazing place within an hour from you, drive there and have an extended weekend getaway lounging at the pool!

Pelican Hills

My favorite is the fabulous  Pelican Hills Resort located just an hour away at the Pacific Ocean.

Pelican Hills

With an amazingly breathtaking view and fantastic hospitality that makes you never want to leave.Pelican Hills

For women, they have an  incredible SPA menu, for men –best golf course in California (named by Conde Nast Travel Magazine)

Pelican Hills

..and for kids a day camp!…Whats not to like?

Pelican Hills

What clothes to pack? …Swimsuits, loungewear and a cocktail dress, or blazer for men. Make it simple and just enjoy! No long flights and no germophobia!

Pelican Hills

Do you have a favorite getaway destination?

Shadow World…

“Maybe the only thing each of us can see is our own shadow…”

Carl Jung called this his shadow work. He said we never see others. Instead we see only aspects of ourselves that fall over them. Shadows. Projections. Our associations.

IMG_6863“The same way old painters would sit in a tiny dark room and trace the image of what stood outside a tiny window, in the bright sunlight.”

Arya Green

Evelina Galli

Is it true ?…or are we are capable of seeing each other as we are…

Latest Discovery…

It started as a normal day …with breakfast with my best friend Coco…Evelina Galli

everything started very calm and peaceful …

Evelina Galli

..then we decided to have a morning stroll and check out some stores nearby and unexpectedly stepped into this “Little Wonderland!”Evelina Galli

…where we were welcomed by the most extravagant fashion designer I have ever seen in my life!…he even outdid Mr. Karl Lagerfeld who I thought was the number one Mr. Extravagant, with his entourage of 20 young guys dressed in Dior Homme suits and a little fan in his hands…

Peter Lai Evelina Galli

Chinese mask, mink hair, Top hat…black Steve Jobs worthy turtleneck and David Yurman silver chain…

Peter Lai Evelina Galli Coco Asper

…fabulous Mr. Peter Lai with my friend Coco Asper in his Pasadena shop…

Peter Lai Evelina Galli

this is “crystal” pleated Opera Wrap..(he also performs as a Kabuki dancer in his free time…even performed at Hollywood Bowl alongside Yoko Ono)

…Mr. Lai was born into the family of Chinese theater clothes manufacturers in Honk Kong and for the first 10 years of his career he was working there in the TV world as a costumer …which explained his taste for drama.

…and he let us try some of his hats and clothes..

Peter Lai Evelina Galli

Peter Lai Evelina Galli

Evelina Galli  Coco Asper

…so that was my morning breakfast adventure 🙂

Evelina Galli

Wasn’t Peter Lai amazing?