Otis Fashion Show

At Beverly Hilton before the Otis Students’ Fashion Show.

Evelina Galli

Otis has been my second home since I moved to Los Angeles. First for 3 years as a student and then for almost 7 years as an Instructor. Annual Otis Fashion Shows make me feel like I am visiting my family! So many people dear to my heart and of course fabulous (fashion mom) Rosemary Brantley!

This year’s show started in a really cool way, with clothes inspired by Disney’s new movie “Monsters University”: kids’ clothes, parents’ clothes, students’ clothes!…Clothes for the entire family that you can jump and dance and run around in.


942982_608099542533723_199179450_nSome other highlights included: garden wedding dresses …946721_608101425866868_1695574591_n


…followed by some fun “masquerade” inspired lingerie  428608_608101982533479_1478810458_n

But the true gem and highlight of the show was a gemstone colored velvet collection crystallized with  Swarovski crystals and  produced under Bob Mackie’s mentorship.

OMG!..What a breathtaking scene it was! Like being a child and watching a Glam Hollywood Movie for the first time and having goosebumps all over my skin! …I could not help myself…






I really wanted those dresses!…All of them!…but especially the very last one…with Crystals on the tulle!..

I want to have that and then worry about where to wear that number!

…aren’t these amazing?

Much love!


All Fashion Show Pictures are courtesy of Miguel Reyes.

12 thoughts on “Otis Fashion Show

    1. Thank you! So you think the blue one?…I was talking more about the sheer black one, but from the point of practicality ,it is much more wearable you’re right 🙂
      Now just have to be on the “hunt” for those dresses.Usually students want to keep them or they get sold out at the “silent auction”.

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