Happiness is closer then we think…

“Pain and Pleasure occur only in consciousness and exist only there.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Evelina Galli

Being back with the students over the week end made me think about the science of creativity and happiness, and how they are interrelated.

One of my absolute favorite authors of all time is Mr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (…I know very hard to read and pronounce last name, but he is a modern-day genius) all his life researched and crystallized the science of living happier and more creative lives.

Mr. Csikszentmihalyi is a world renown expert in creativity and happiness as well as a philosopher and a scientist, whose studies of the “FLOW” process were used everywhere from developing corporate leadership to programming new computer games.

At one point I bought several copies of his book “The Flow” and was handing them out to my closest friends. It is an amazing eye opener book!

Here I would bring some of my favorite quotes from him:

Evelina Galli

 “We are always getting to live, as Ralph Waldo Emerson used to say, but never living. Or as poor Frances learned in the children’s story, it is always bread and jam tomorrow, never bread and jam today.”

Evelina Galli

“Repression is not the way to virtue. When people restrain themselves out of fear, their lives are by necessity diminished. Only through freely chosen discipline can life be enjoyed and still kept within the bounds of reason.”

Evelina Galli

“The names we use to describe personality traits – such as extrovert, high achiever, or paranoid – refer to the specific patterns people have used to structure their attention. At the same party, the extrovert will seek out and enjoy interactions with others, the high achiever will look for useful business contacts, and the paranoid will be on guard for signs of danger he must avoid. Attention can be invested in innumerable ways, ways that can make life either rich or miserable.”

Evelina Galli

“It is when we act freely, for the sake of the action itself rather than for ulterior motives, that we learn to become more than what we were. When we choose a goal and invest ourselves in it to the limits of concentration, whatever we do will be enjoyable. And once we have tasted this joy, we will redouble our efforts to taste it again. This is the way the self grows.”

Hope you will give his books a try, especially the “Flow.” It can hold the key for your happiness 🙂

Always yours,



31 thoughts on “Happiness is closer then we think…

    1. I loved Kindle version better, because you can adjust the font…the paper book has a very small letters….Font makes a difference for me in reading , but maybe you’re not that obsessed with it 🙂

  1. Living with in the flow of creativity and happiness truly is a tricky thing. As I long to sustain such an existance I find the day to day pulls me back. R.W.E. one of my favorites as well. And it goes with out saying the spring dress and hat goes beautifully with the Calla-lillies.
    “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”
    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  2. Not heard of Mr. Csikszentmihalyi before, so very interesting to read the quotes and recommendation for ‘Flow’. I am familiar with Ralph Waldo Emerson and I also like essays and books by Prentis Mulford, such as Thoughts Are Things. Always growing and learning is a good way to enjoy life.

    1. Oh! He is amazing! I would love to hear what do you think of the book…Actually he has so many books, but number one to learn the concept is the Flow
      …I will read Thoughts are Things sounds interesting

      1. I have a lot of respect for the potioisn of agnosticism. From a solely rational perspective, it’s the most honest potioisn, I think. Since both theism and atheism are based on faith, but to be an agnostic requires no faith at all. Just a questioning mind-set. Which, in the long run, may actually allow scope for God to work! To sneak in, perhaps, and astonish someone with a personal experience, which might just tip the balance, even if not explainable through logic.I so recall the nun my senior year of high school, who must have (wrongly) assumed I was on the verge of atheism. Simply because I refused to accept or be convinced by the proofs for the existence of God. Well they still don’t convince me! Even though the REALITY of God does. I say Reality not existence of God. Because existence doesn’t really seem to be an attribute of God (as it is for us). Though I CAN say from my own experience as well as from Scripture God reveals, astonishes, invades, draws and withdraws, discloses. But mostly I too find, as Bosco put it the apophatic way ( the negative way) to be the way that God has shown/shone Holy Mystery within my life. (And perhaps that’s why agnosticism has such a pull for certain people. It may indeed be God’s Way – for them. The “way” of questions.)I guess what bothers me about fundamentalism is the anxiety underlying it. The need to nail things down and hang on for dear life, which to me reveals an underlying psychological terror. The fear of questioning or giving scope within one’s life to allow for the SURPRISES of a REAL relationship with a God who simply cannot be pinned down, penned up, anticipated, described whatever it is that fundamentalists and scholastic dogmatists try to ram down the throats of others (as Bosco so aptly has described it). But sadly, they ram it down their own throats as well! (Bosco knows my real name. But my “identity” hidden in God – is a work in progress. Link above.)

  3. Lovely post,classy yet elegant.Awesome pictures.Wishing more success. Jalal

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